The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media

An Annotated Bibliography and Subject Index

(Formerly: The Dominant Female in Print and Media)

Prepared by Mistress Blanca and Peter (Green Way)

Version 4.3, January 1, 1996

Copyright 1994

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This is an extensive annotated bibliography and detailed subject
index to the books, magazines, pamphlets, software, videos, audiotapes,
Internet resources, CDS, and films about the subject of the Sexually
Dominant Woman. It includes materials on the Mistress, Dominant
Woman, Domina, Dominatrix, Dominatrice, Domme, Female
Dominant, Superior Female, Top Woman, Cruel Woman, Venus in
Furs, Ruling Wife, Dominant Queen, Governess, School Mistress,
Sadistic Woman, Bitch, Butch, etc.; and, Her lover, submissive,
husband, bottom, servant, masochist, thrall, underling, slave, worshiper,
victim, charge, pupil, etc.. The submissive(s) may be one or many, male
or female.

In keeping with the "sexual" nature of this particular Internet
newsgroup, we include materials that discuss erotic sadomasochism,
bondage, discipline, dominant and submissive relations (i.e., power
exchanges, games, role playing, lifestyles, etc.), fetishes, servitude,
female supremacy, body worship, sexual slavery, sadism, etc..

This listing attempts to give special emphasis to works by female
authors, women owned businesses, or female media producers.

The term "Dominatrix" here includes the interests and perspectives
of a variety of persons that enjoy FemDom BDSM: from joyful
beginners to happy advanced players, from monogamous het or lesbian
couples to extroverted club players and pansexual adventurers, to solo
masochists that enjoy the FemDom fantasy, to nonprofessional experts,
to playful D/s lovers, to SM Leather Culture enthusiasts, as well as to
include the Professional "BDSM for Hire" Female Tops.

The authors of this work are Mistress Blanca [MB] and her
husband, Peter [SP]. We have collected and enjoyed this type of
material for decades. Both of us are willing to continue efforts to
compile, review, and annotate titles of books, periodicals, films, and
videos for this bibliography. We welcome your inquiries, comments,
suggestions, and additions; as well as your corrections and constructive
criticism. Please send your comments to our new e-mail box at: You will always be credited for your
contributions (annotations or comments).

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This version of "The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media"
(TDiPaOM), 4.3, 1/1/96, includes improvements in references to
Spanish language resources, and new additions to the WWW Pages

Our recent favorites include:.

Books: _Masochism_ (Zone Books, 1991)

WWW Site:
Mistress Julie's Web Site

Resources: The Human Sexuality Library at the University of

Research: Does anyone have any information on the 1920's writer
Edith Cadivec; her books? How about a few good FemDom sources in
German or French? BDSM FemDom books/magazines from the 1940's?

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The detailed subject index in TDiPaOM includes many works not
cited in the bibliography; but, references to these items are readily
available elsewhere, e.g., in Books in Print, film or video handbooks, or
in university library catalogs accessible on the Internet through gophers
via Telnet.

We use the following conventions in TDiPaOM: 1) Titles of
publications are shown inside _underline marks_; and most words in a
title will begin with a capital letter. 2) Titles of articles within another
publication are shown inside "double quotes." 3) Comments, reviews or
quotes from others are shown inside *asterisk* quotes; and credits are
always given. 4) Organizations, clubs, or businesses that produce print
or media work are listed under the title of the group. 5) Edited or
anonymous works are listed under the title of the work. 6) Pen names,
pseudonyms, stage, working, pen names, e.g., Mistress Blanca, are filed
under the nom de plume.

We have benefitted from the posts, previous bibliographic work,
encouragement, suggestions, e-mail contributions and/or e-mail
comments of others: Jay Doubleyou [JW], Leonard, Jay Warren, Xur -
Germany ("HCB: Handbuch des Sadomasochismus"), Graham Barron,
Karen, Lady Beclan, Modemac, Tristan/Ken, John, Melissa, VFashion,
Christopher Moore, Mistress Infinity - Ms.C, Francis R. [FR], Minx
Kelly, Karen Olsen, tim, Andreas Mann, Robert J. LeBlanc, Alan S,
Coyote Sings, Janet Hayes, an175509, Sherry and Brett, Pat - L10WC,
Robert Hill., Will N., Abdus, Krystine Renee, Andrea, Galaxy, knave4u,
Mistress Nan, Fortuna700, Raley, Mistress Julie, Keri, Baron d'EST,
Fritz Peronius, Shinkoku Ninhwa, Sal, Rob Jellinghaus, and others.
Please send email to us at our new e-mail account called: (Green Way).

This bibliography, TDiPaOM, is copyrighted, c 1994 - 1996 by the
persons holding the account identified as "
(Green Way)." Any unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication in
print or electronic format of TDiPaOM for commercial gain is
prohibited. Individuals may download TDiPaOM for personal use.


_Against Sadomasochism: A Radical Feminist Analysis_
Edited by R. Linden, D. Pagano, D. Russell, and S. Star. Palo Alto,
California, Frog in the Well, 1982. Obviously, many seriously disagree
with BDSM power exchanges, and here are some "feminist" arguments
to think about.

Antoniou, Laura, Editor
_By Her Subdued: Erotic Tales of Women's Power_. Rhinoceros, c
1995, $6.95. Also writes under the name Sara Adamson.

Antoniou, Laura, Editor
_Leatherwomen 11: Revenge of the Leatherwomen!_ Rosebud,
1994, $4.95.

Antoniou, Laura, Editor
_Some Women_. Introduction by Pat Califia. Rhinoceros, 1995,

Antrews, Grant
_My Darling Dominatrix_. New York: Masquerade Books, Inc.,
1992. A Rhinoceros Book. 538 pages. ISBN: 1-56333-055-5. Price:
$6.95 US. Comments: A very well written romantic novel that explores
the emerging love between two successful young persons; with She
being a professional Dominatrix, artist, and vibrant woman. An
intelligent and sensitive story. [MB]

Antrews, Grant
_Submissions_. New York, Masquerade Books, Inc., Rhinoceros Books
Edition, c 1994. Paperback, $6.95 US. 267 pages. ISBN: 1-56333-207-8.

Artemis Creations Publishing
Artemis Creations Publishing, 3395 Nostrand Ave. Suite 2-J
Brooklyn, NY 11229.

A monthly magazine published by the TFN Research Group, Inc.,
10026 Manchester Road, Ste. 214, St. Louis, MO 63122. Phone: (314)
822-5405. Fax: (314) 822-4975. Price: $10.00 a single copy, $120.00
for a one-year subscription US. A glossy 8.5" X 11" magazine format,
with 40+ pages per issue. Comments: Short articles, reviews, B&W
and color photos, interviews, list of clubs and organizations, ads from
pro Dommes, video ads, personal classifieds, letters to editor, etc..
Many photos of beautiful women in fetish attire. Includes column by
Catherine Wolfe. Emphasis upon the viewpoints and beliefs of the
bisexual Dominant "Goddess Dianna Vesta" (GDV), e.g., female
supremacy, submission and training of men, Goddess worship. A very
nice magazine layout and typefaces; but print and photos are sometimes
too light and blurry (e.g, Issue 11). Started in 1991. Owned and
operated by women. Previous posts (12/94) to asf, all unanswered, were
highly critical of the "business" practices of TFN. The above address is
no longer current. [SP]

_Bad Attitude_
Bad Attitude, Publication of Phantasia Publications, P.O. Box
390110, Cambridge, MA 02139. Jasmine Sterling, Publisher.
Mmmmm, Art Director. 6 issues per year for $24.00. Open minded
and kinky lesbian emphasis. Lesbian erotic fiction, informative articles,
interviews, letters to editor, ads, intimate b&w photographs, and
illustrations. Hot stuff! Lots of D&S. [MB]

Baldwin, Guy
_Ties That Bind: The SM/Leather/Fetish Erotic Style - Issues,
Commentaries and Advice_. Edited by Joseph Bean. Preface by Gayle
Rubin. Los Angeles, Daedalus Publishing Company, c 1993. 244
pages. $14.95. ISBN: 1-881943-09-7. An engaging and insightful set
of articles taken from _Drummer_ magazine. Mr. Baldwin is a
psychotherapist, Mr. Leather title holder, well known speaker, and
sophisticated analyist of the Leather culture and BDSM interpersonal
relationships. [SP]

Barron, Graham
_S&M Bibliography (Revised)_. Authors, titles and date for a
wide variety of S&M books, magazines, and a few films. No
bibliographic information. 9K file. Revised 9/14/94. [SP]

Beauvoir, Simone de
_The Marquis De Sade: An Essay_. With selections from his
writings by Paul Dinnage. New York, Grove Press, 1953. Chronology,
bibliography, 236 pages. LCN: 53-7066. [MB]

_Behind the Scene_
A Journal dedicated to the Disciplinary Female. With Jennifer
Brooks. P.O. Box 2237, Alpine, California, 91903. [SP]

Benjamin, Jessica
_The Bonds of Love: Psychoanalysis, Feminism, and the Problem of
Domination_. New York, Pantheon, 1988. Index (pp.295-304), Bibliography
(pp.225-243), Notes (245-294), ix, 304 pages. ISBN: 0-394-55133-8. [MB]

_Bibliography on Feminism and World Politics_
From Victoria Edwards, ae606@FreeNet.Carleton.CA. Based on
Spike Peterson's Bibliography with Supplementary Materials supplied
by Lev Gonick. Posted 12/26/94. Available in Femsupremacy Archives.
19 Pages.

_Bitches With Whips_
_Bitches with Whips: Dedicated to Female Dominance_.
Published by DM International, P.O. Box 99770 Seattle, WA 98199.
Started in 1993. Published four times a year; 6 issues for $48.00. 8.5"
x 11" glossy magazine format. Comments: Strong Pro Domme
emphasis. Erotic fiction, longer informative articles, rules for slaves,
tales of scenes, clothing and equipment ads, no personal ads, and many
direct contact ads from professional Dominatrixes. Well written articles
and a nice layout. In the summer of 1994, they went to a four color
cover format and will publish only three times a year now. Emphasis on
western U.S. and Canada. [MB]

_Boot Lover's Digest_
Published by Strictly Speaking, PO Box 8006, Palm Springs, CA
92263. Issue #4, 1994. Price: $10 per issue US. A high quality glossy
magazine, color and B&W photos, artwork, sources, interviews, ads
from pro Dommes, and lots of commercial ads. Irregular publication.
Those that love the Female dressed in leather boots and fetish attire will
find gorgeous Women galore in this specialty magazine. [SP]

_Boudoir Noir_
Bimonthly publication. $50.00 per year. Box 5, Stn. F, Toronto
ON M 4Y 2L4.

Brame, Gloria G.
_Different Loving: An Exploration of the World of Sexual
Dominance and Submission_. Gloria G. Brame, William D. Brame,
and Jon Jacobs. New York: Villard Books, Random House, c 1993. 539
pages, bibliography, notes. ISBN: 0-679-40873-8. Price: $25.00 US.
Comments: A first rate work! A well organized survey of all the main
dimensions of SM D/s. Informative, accurate, and insightful
commentary. Sound historical observations. An outstanding collection
of interviews with active participants in the scene. Many heterosexual
couples are featured. [MB]

Brantenberg, Gerd
_Egalia's Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes_. Translated from the
Norwegian by Louis Mackay in cooperation with Gerd Brantenberg.
Seattle, Washington, Seal Press, c1985. 269 pp.
Series: (Women in Translation). ISBN: 0931188342. $8.95.

Califia, Pat
"Love and the Perfect Sadist." _Skin Two_, Issue 12, 1992, pp. 42-47.

Califia, Pat
_Macho Sluts_; Erotic Fiction By Pat Califia. Boston, MA, Alyson
Publications, 1988. Introduction, notes, eight stories, 296 pages. The
stories include: Jessie, The Finishing School, The Calyx of Isis, The
Hustler, The Surprise Party, The Vampire, The Spoiler, and A Dash of
Vanilla. ISBN: 1-55583-115-X. Price: $9.95 US. Comments: Steamy
SM lesbian erotica by the Best Mistress of the genre. Whow! First
Rate! [MB]

Califia, Pat
_Sapphistry: The Book of Lesbian Sexuality_. Naiad Press,
Tallahassee, Florida, 1988.

Califia, Pat
_Sensuous Magic; SM, Sensuous Magic, A Guide for Adventurous
Couples_. First Richard Kasak Book Edition, Masquerade Books, Inc., c
1993. 185 pages. Glossary, bibliography, resource guide. ISBN:
1-56333-131-4. Price: $12.95 US. Also published in Spanish by Martinez
Roca editores [Sal]. Comments: A very well written introduction to SM
D/s for all readers. Useful for hets. All aspects of technique, role
playing, attitude, safety, and couples play are very carefully presented.
Ms. Califia has been an outstanding spokesperson for the SM Leather
culture for decades: former columnist for "Drummer," former editor of
"Sandmutopian Guardian, " activist, leader in organizations, regular
contributor to _Skin Two_, fiction writer ... And, all of this highly
respected talent is displayed again in "Sensuous Magic." [MB]

This monthly newspaper: _Capitulation (A Magazine of Sexual
Surrender)_ is published by Fantastic Books, P.O. Box 34,
Amityville, NY 11701-0034. Publisher: Richard Shore. Editor: Victoria
Reeves. Phone: (516) 753-2677. FAX: (516) 753-2423. Price: $3.00
single copy, $50.00 one-year subscription, US. Each 13.5" X11" issues
is around 40 pages. Comments: Typical newspaper format Fem Dom -
male sub publication; although sub females are occasionally featured.
Shorter articles that are generally well edited. B&W photos, some
illustrations, color cover. Lots of ads from Pro Dommes. Mistress Jayne
Alexander answers letters. One of many Fantastic Books publications.

Carter, Angela 1940-
_The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography_. New York,
Pantheon Books, 1978. Bibliography, 154 pages. ISBN: 0-394-75893-5.
Price: $ 8.95. Comments: This thought provoking polemical study takes a
feminist reading of the Marquis de Sade's work and two of his important
characters: Justine and Juliette. Ms. Carter carefully explores the
relationship of power to sexuality, and the politics of sexual freedom.

Cecilione, Michael
_Domination_. Kensington Publishing Corp, Zebra Books, Dept.
4406, Park Ave. South, N.Y., NY 10016. 1993. ISBN: 0-8217-4406-2.
$4.50 U.S.

CF Pulications
CF Publications, Box 706EU, E. Setauket, NY 11733. Phone:
(516) 689-6743, and FAX at (516) 689-6755. Publishers of spanking
erotica, spanking magazines, bibliographies of spanking in novels,
filmographies of spanking in movies, etc.. Over 600 spanking stories
available. Source: Prometheus, Spring 1994. [SP]

Chancer, Lynn S. 1954-
_Sadomasochism In Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and
Powerlessness_. New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University Press,
1992. Chapter notes and references, index, 238 pages.
ISBN: 0-8135-1808-3. Price: 15.00 US. Comments: A detailed discussion of
nonsexual dominance and submission in the workplace, in homes, in
social relations. A brief commentary on sexual SM D/s in our culture.
For advanced D/s readers, and for those with a strong feminist
orientation. [MB]

Cilescu, Valentia
_Mistress Mine_ Published by Masquerade Books, Inc, NY, c
1993. A Rosebud Book. 182 pages. ISBN: 1-56333-109-8. Price:
$4.95 US. [SP]

_Coming to Power_
Edited by members of SAMOIS, a lesbian/feminist S/M
Organization. Coming To Power: Writings and Graphics on Lesbian
S/M. Boston, MA, Alyson Publicaitons, c 1981, Third U.S. editon,
1987. 287 pages. ISBN: 0-932870-28-7. Price: $9.95 US. [SP]

_The Countess in Red_
Adapted by J.M. Lo Duca and Georges Pichard. Based on the story
by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Eurotica, an imprint of NBM
Publishing, 185 Madison Ave., Ste. 1504, NY, NY 10016. 46 pages.
ISBN: 1-56163-098-5. Price: $9.95 US. Comments: An adult, comic
book style illustrated version of the sadistic Transylvanian Countess
Erzsebet Bathory who retained her youth and beauty by means of
monthly baths in human blood. Graphic illustrations of sadistic lust,
torture and murder. [MB]

Cowan, Lyn
_Masochism: A Jungian View_. Dallas, Texas, Spring Publications
Inc., 1982, 1985. x, chapter notes and references, 137 pages.
ISBN: 0-88214-320-4. Price: $12.00 US. Comments: A very insightful look
into the spiritual and psychological depths of SM. An excellent analysis
of the religous parallels of BDSM practices. One of our all-time
favorites. [MB]

Crepax, Guido
_Venus in Furs_. A graphic novel, illustrated by Guido Crepax.
Adapted from a text by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Published by
Catalan Communications, 43 East 19th Street, New York, NY 10003.
64 pages, black and white illustrations. ISBN: 0-87416-091-X. Price: $
11.95 US. 64 pages. Comments: Delightful and detailed drawings in
an adult comic book style format. The story line text does not get in
the way of the sumptuous erotic illustrations. Follows the Venus story
loosely from the point Wanda von Dunajew and Severin (Gregor) arrive
in Florence. A book for beginning to advanced SM D/s people. [MB]

The Fantasy World of Cruella. The Ultimate Publication Devoted
to Cruel and Evil Bitch-Goddesses in Full Action FD Photo Stories.
Published by R-H Fashions, Rogue-Hagen Publications, PO Box 122,
Debry, DE22, 4XA, England. Glossy 9x11 magazine. Price: $15.00 US.
Comments: Related to _Goddess_ and _Riding Cult_ magazines from
R-H. High quality photographs in B&W and some color. Lots of
"Leather, Rubber, PVC, Whips, Spurs, High Heels" and "Devoted to the
Dominant Female." Retail prices range from $12 - $16. [MB]

Dally, Peter
_The Fantasy Game: How Male and Female Sexual Fantasies
Affect Our Lives_. New York, Stein and Day, 1975. xii, 204 pages,
references, index. [SP]

De Gravelaine, Joel
"The two best books on Lilith? I would say: _La Renaissance De
Lillith_ by Joel de Gravelaine. De Gravelaine is a publishing directrice
for the editor Lafont in Paris. She is also an excellent astrologer and she
has a great collection of historical cutting instruments. My second
choice: _Reflexions sur Lilith_ by Jean Carteret, writer and astrologer.
Least but not last, the artwork about Lilith by Denyson (a French artist,
who worked in the 1940's)." From Baron d'EST, a,
11/16/95. The Baron would like to do astrological profiles on BDSM
players. [MB]

Dickson, Jim E.
_Ring of Steel, The Diary of a Modern Slave: Part 1_. Eros
Publishing Company, Inc., Wilmington Delaware. Distributed by
MAGCORP, the Magazine Corporation of America, Cleveland Ohio.

Divine Press, P.O. Box 108, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 4DD,
England, circa 1993. About $6.00.

Domina: The Corrective/Restrictive Arts Magazine. Fully
illustrated, articles, stories, news and personal ads. From the Fetish
Perv scene in London. 305 Madison Ave., Suite 1166, New York, NY
10165. $25.00 per issue.

_Domina News_
A quarterly newsletter for lifestyle and professional dominant
women. Ideas for marketing and managing an adult business. $20 per
year. 10028 Manchester Road, Suite 214, St. Louis, MO 63122.

_Dominant Domain_
Published by New Esoteric Press, Inc., P.O. Box 30689, JFK
Station, Jamaica, NY 11430. A monthly newspaper. Publisher: Sandy
York. Price: $36.00 US for 12 issues. Comments: Fem Dom - male sub
emphasis. Stories, B&W photos, and lots of commercial ads. Similar to
_Dominant Mystique_. Many ads for expensive videos. Excellent cover
artwork. Many of the stories are poorly written "letters", and the
editing is often low grade. Recent issues show an improvement in
editing and typesetting. [MB]

_Dominant Mystique_
Monthly Newspaper. _Dominant Mystique: The Number One
Female Domination Newspaper in the Nation_. Volumes 1 -13, 1979-1992.
Published by the New Esoteric Press Inc., P.O. Box 300689, JFK
Station, Jamaica, New York, 11430. Publisher Sandy York. Editor:
Alison James. Comments: This newspaper emphasizes Female
Dominants and male submissives. It contains B&W photographs,
drawings, short stories and comments by readers, articles by
professional Dominatrixes, classified personal ads, and general ads. The
professional Dominatrixes that have written articles include: Madame
X, Mistress Brigit, Mistress Connie, Mistress LaFleur, Mistress
Verushka, Mistress Diana Vesta, and many others. Many ads for
expensive videos. Excellent cover art at times. Sometimes prone to
publishing poorly written "letters" and mediocre editing; recent issues
show a dramatic improvement in this area. Some of this work is
republished in a glossy magazine format under various titles. [MB]

_Dominant View_
The Dominant View - Devoted to the Dominant Female.
Published by Fantastic Books, PO Box 34, Amityville, NY 11701-0034.
Newspaper. Price: $50.00 per year.

_Domination Directory International_
Published by Strictly Speaking Pub. Co., PO Box 8006, Palm
Springs, CA 92263. See also _Boot Lover's Digest_. [MB]

Mistress Artemis Antone and Friends. A CD ROM product. Over
1,000 fetish SM, B&D GIF images. Source: (818) 879-4840.

_La Domme_
Edited by Claire Baeder. This is a collection
of Spectrum Press dominatrix fiction, including the new novella _The
Iron Lady_ by R. Pruett. This is now available on floppy disk for PC
and Mac. Masquerade Books will soon publish a print edition. [Karen
Olsen,, Spectrum Press.]

Dominance and submission zine for hets. Some personals. For
information write to: Dommission, PO Box 2036, Alexandria, VA,

Jay Doubleyou
_Alt.Sex.Femdom FAQ_. By Jay Doubleyou at
Date: 7/5/95, Ver 0.5, Fifth Draft, Parts 1 (673 lines) and Part 2 (1187
lines). Detailed information on the FemDom newsgroup, FemDom
organizations, etiquette for A.S.Femdom, Internet software usage,
educational resources, definitions of terms, current books and
magazines, vendors, and other sources. NOTE: This annotated
bibliography, TDiPaOM, was originally inspired by Jay's original FAQ
post on 9/1/94. Jay is to be commended for his excellent effort,
thoroughness, tact, and enthusiasm. Please refer to the asfd FAQ for
Jay's comments on FemDom organizations. [MB]

Draconian Leather by Metz
Whips made by the Master Whip Maker Janet Metz Hayes. For
information write to Her BBS name is
Draconian Leather 805-634-9805. Address: 2325 Chester Lane #A,
Bakersfield, CA 93304.

Earle, Alice Morse
_Curious Punishments of Bygone Days_. Originally published in
1896. The illustrations by Frank Hazenplug. Port Townsend,
Washington, Loompanics Unlimited, 1896, 1986. 149 pages.
ISBN: 0-915179-53-9.

Easton, Dossie
_The Bottoming Book; Or, How to Get Terrible Things Done To
You By Wonderful People_. By Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt
(Lady Green). Illustrations by Fish. 104 pages. Bibliography. Price:
$11.95 US. Comments: Basic information on being an OK bottom,
enjoying the passions of a bottom, connecting with Tops, playing,
scenes and roles, and spirituality in SM. An openhearted approach to
the bottom's energy and desires. Delightful illustrations by Fish. [MB]

Easton, Dossie
_The Topping Book_. By Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt
(Lady Green). Illustrations by Fish. Greenery Press, 3739 Balboa Ave.,
#195, San Francisco, CA 94121. (415) 752-3700. 1995.

_Echoes From the Sanctuary_
Published by Essemian Press, Service of Mankind Church, PO Box
1335, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Monthly newsletter of the SMC.

The Eclectic Connection
Books, magazines and catalogs. International emphasis. 5350
North Boradway, Suite 163, Chicago IL 60640.

Ehrenreich, Barbara
"The Lust Frontier: From Tupperware to Sadomasochism." Found
in _Remaking Love: The Feminization of Sex_, edited by Barbara
Ehrenreich, New York, Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1986, p.119-. [MB]

_The English Governess_
The author is anonymous. New York, Masquerade Books, Inc., c
1990. 213 pages. ISBN: 1-878320-43-2. Price: $4.95 US. Fiction.
Comments: [MB]

_The English Palace_
America's Premiere B&D/S&M BBS (908)739-1755 80 lines, 13.5
Gigs on-line, 65,000+ Files, Chat, Forums. Full Internet Connectivity :
Telnet to, or, Nationwide Local calling

Eros Comix
Eros Comix, PO Box 25070, Seattle WA 98125-1970. Publisher
of such delightful adult comics as Molly Kiely's _Diary of a
Dominatrix_, Justine Blanco's _Stiletto - Adventures in Discipline_, and
_Submissive Suzanne_, etc.. [MB]

_Esencia S/M_
Ediciones P.L.G., Apartado de Correos 7053, Madrid 28080,
Spain. Spanish language. *It is an interesting magazine because it is
non commercial, made by BDSM lovers for BDSM lovers.* [Sal]

_The Eulenspiegel Society Newsletter_
Published by the Eulenspiegel Society, TES, PO Box 2783, New
York, NY 10163-2783. Phone: (212) 388-7022. TES founded in 1971.
Quarterly newsletter. Price: $35.00 per year US. Artwork, personal
ads, club news, local events, resources, commercial ads, informative
short articles. Pan sexual SM D/s. Retitled "Promethus" in 1994.
Outstanding B&W illustrations, graphics, and BDSM artwork. [MB]

Executive Imports International
Distributor of many Femdom glossy magazines, paperbacks, and
videos. Write for catalog to: Executive Imports Int'l, Suite 1102, 210
Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010. They also market some fetish-fashion,
TV, crossdresser, and male Dom items. [SP]

Fantastic Books Publications
Fantastic Books, P.O. Box 34, Amityville, NY 11701-0034. Phone:
(516) 753-2677. FAX: (516) 753-2423. They publish and
distribute Fem Dom - male sub publications like _Capitualtion_,
_Leg Tease_, and _Corporal_. They also publish and/or distirbute
dozens of pocket books (Fem subs) and glossy magazines on similiar
themes. They distribute dozens of amateur and pro videos from $29 to
$59. Female and male models. [MB]

_Fantasy Fashion Digest_
Publisher/Editor: David Jackson. Published by Strictly Speaking
Pub. Co., Diversicor, Inc.: Fantasy Fashion Digest, P.O. Box 9500, Palm
Springs, CA 92263. (619) 363-6434. Comments: Started in 1993.
Hopes to become a quarterly magazine. Glossy, B&W and Color
photos. Current sources for fetish clothing in rubber, leather, and other
fabrics. [SP]

_Fantasy Island Innovations Catalog_
The Ultimate in Adult Playroom Accessories. Offered by Fantasy
Island Innovations, Inc., 1304 SW 160th Ave., #128, Sunrise, Florida
33326. 305-452-5988. 800-785-9955. A very nice 52 page catalog
with all the toys and tools the playful or serious BDSM players will ever
need. Leather gear for ladies and gents. [MB]

_The FDMC Society_
Write to this organization at: The FDMC Society, PO Box 3284,
Warminster, PA 18974. Or EMail to: .
Refer to asfd FAQ.

_Female Supremacy_
Tiffany Entertainment, 3333 Veterans Highway, Suite 541,
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. Monthly newspaper. Price: $35.00 per year.

_Femsupremacy Mail List_
Maintained and coordinated by Dee Ann LeBlanc and Robert J.
LeBlanc. To subscribe: There
is a digest version of the Femsupremacy list, which can be subscribed to
via the usual methods, by emailing to: For other information
write to: The LeBlanc's provide an archive service
which inludes news articles, informative articles, fiction, resource guides,
and biographies. [SP]

_The FEMINA Society_
The FEMINA Society, PO Box 1874, Haverhill, MA 01831.
Directress: Ms. Charlene Deering. She can be reached at the Internet
address of: [We think she is on Delphi now.
Address anyone?] Comments: The FEMINA Society offers a wide array
of essays, pamphlets, books, conferences, newsletters, bibliographies,
and instructional materials for Female Dominas and male submissives
enrolled in their formal educational program, the FEMINA Society
School. Communication formats include hard copy print, electronic
formats, email, and audiotapes. The FEMINA Society espouses a
complex Doctrine of Female Supremacy, Matriarchial values and
leadership, Goddess worship (Tantric, Wicca, Stone-Bronze Age, New
Age), total male subservience to Dominas, anti-patriarchal theory and
history, and general Womens' Movement topics. The Society provides
networking, education, training, and research functions. A strong
emphasis is given to training the male to be respectful, submissive,
obedient, and totally devoted to serving a Superior Domina in daily life.
Little emphasis given to "male" SM B&D fantasies and kinky role-playing.
Substantial training and support for married couples wanting
to make worshipping and serving the Superior Female the top priority.
Their Female Supremacy political tenets and historical viewpoints were
often a controversial flamewar topic on in 1994; and,
even [MB] and [SP] don't agree about this important group. [SP]

Ferstman, Carla
_The Castration of Oedipus: Psychoanalysis, Postmodernism, and
Feminism_. By Carla Ferstman and J.C. Smith. New York University
Press, c 1995.

_Fetish World_
Published by New Esoteric Press, P.O. Box 30689, JFK Station,
Jamaica, NY 11430. A monthly newspaper. Editor: Sandy York. Price:
$36.00 for 12 issues US. Comments: Similar to _Dominant
Mystique_. A slightly wider emphasis including more cross dressing,
infantilism, and foot worship. [MB]

_Finding Your Dominant Woman_
Mentor Publications, Diversified Services, PO Box 35737,
Brington, MA 02135. 19 pages. Author John Warren. Price: $5.00
US. [MB]

Flanagan, Bob
_Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist_. San Francisco, Re/Search
Publications, c 1993. 125 B&W photos and illustrations, 128 pages.
ISBN: 0-940642-25-5. Price: $ 15.00 US. Comments: Bob and his
Dominant Wife, Mistress Sheree Rose, tell their story. Includes
interviews, artwork, poetry, and many photographs of serious SM
scenes. Mistress Sheree took all the very graphic documentary
photographs used in this book. Their unique loving D/s relationship,
Bob's sexual-spiritual transformation within the drama of his very poor
health, and their SM artistic creativity make for a memorable book. A
book for advanced SM D/s players. Sheree Rose was also interviewed
by Andrea Juno in the book "Modern Primitives" (RESearch Pubs., c
1989), pp. 109-113. A (9/94) post to A.S.B cited an upcoming art
exhibit in New York by Bob Flanagan. [MB]

Flint, David
"Hollywood Babylon." _Skin Two_, Issue 16, 1995, pp. 52-59.

Francis R. [FR]
Francis sends me [MB] brief notes on Fem Dom BDSM sources in
classical, medieval and modern literature. He would be a very good
resource person on this topic. He can be reached by email: I have included references to his sources in
the subject index under [FR]. Examples of his work:

Lautreamont's "Les Chants de Maldoror", fourth Chant, third
Strophe: for having refused to conjoin with his mother, a man
is hung by his hair for three days, then tarred and beaten with
leaden whips by her and by his wife.

French, Sara H.
_Master of Timberland_. (1992) _Return to Timeberland_. (1995)
Masquerade, $5.95 each.

Friday, Nancy
_Women on Top_. Simon and Schuster, Pocket Books, NY, c
1993. ISBN: 0-671-64845-4. Price: $5.99 US. A bestseller with
surprisingly graphic "fantasies."

_La Fuente de Jade_
A collection of erotic literature (published by Alcor) with femdom
titles: El Nido de la Oropendola, La Institutriz inglesa, Eveline. [Sal]

_Future Sex_
Future Sex Magazine, P.O. Box 31129, San Francisco, CA 94131-9935.
4 issues for $18.00. Comments: A cutting edge magazine on a
wide variety of sex topics. Editor: Lisa Palac. Lots of reviews of videos,
books, CDs, software, zines. News and information. Internet notes.
Wonderful photographs, artwork, and layout. [SP]

Gamman, Lorraine
_Female Fetishism_. By Lorraine Gamman and Merja Makinen.
Lawrence & Wishart, circa 1993. Comments: Examines all the popular
theories about fetishism.

Godek, Gregory J. P.
_1,001 Ways to Be Romantic_. A handbook for men, and a
Godsend to Women. Weymouth, MA, Casablanca Press, Inc., c 1993.
270 pages. ISBN: 0-9629803-0-7. Price: $11.95 US. Comments:
Practical suggestions, ideas, techniques, and tips for making romance
blossom and bloom in the lives of lovers. Special emphasis on helping
men become more attentive, considerate, and creative in displaying
their appreciation for the Lady in their life; althought nearly all the
ideas could also work the other way. The author has also written
_1,001 More Ways to Be Romantic_. [MB]

Good Vibrations Mail Order Catalogs
The Good Vibrations mail order catalogs feature vibrators,
harnesses, dildos, light SM equipment, books, videos, and related sex
aids and toys. The Sexuality Library catalog features many fiction and
nonfiction items. They also publish accurate sex information as the
Down There Press. Order from: Open Enterprises, Inc., Good
Vibrations Mail Order, 938 Howard Street, Ste. 101, San Francisco, CA
94103. Phone: 1-800-289-8423 or (415) 974-8990. Founded in 1977.
A cooperative founded and largely run by women. [MB]

Published by R-H Fashions, Rogue-Hagen Publications, PO Box
122, Debry, DE22, 4XA, England. Glossy 9x11 magazine. Comments:
Related to _Riding Cult_ and _Cruella_ from R_H; and these three
share the same models. [MB]

_The Governess_
The Journal of the Alice Kerr-Southerland Society. Irregular. Issue
6, Summer 1994. 64 pages. Short articles, letters, illustrations, b&w
photos, and some commercial ads. 6"x8.5". Comments: Demanding
and confident Women administer corporal punishment to boys, girls
and men. To join the AK-S Society write: The Hon. Sec., The A.K.S.S.,
Box 12, Hastings, East Sussex, England. [SP]

Greene, Caroline
_S-M: The Last Taboo_. By Caroline and Gerald Green. New
York, Ballantine Books, 1974, 1978. First published by Grove Press,
Inc., 1974. ISBN: 0-345-27160-2. 345 pages. Includes some poetry
and fiction, e.g., Harriett Marwood, Governess, in the appendices of the
book. Makes extensive efforts to distinguish between consensual SM
and violent criminal sadism. A strong British emphasis. A landmark
work. [MB]

Lady Green's Newsletter for Women and Men Exploring Female
Domination. Lady Green, 3739 Balboa Avenue #195, San Francisco,
CA 94121. Quarterly newsletter. Price: $8.00 per year US.

Griffon, Aarona
_Passage and Other Stories_. Rosebud, reprinted 1994, $4.95.

_Hair To Stay_
The magazine for people who love natural, hairy women. Winter
Publishing, PO Box 80667, So. Dartmouth, 02748.

Heartwood, Janet
Heartwood Whips of Passion _Whip Catalog_. 412 N. Coast
Highway #210, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. (714) 376-9558.
Outstanding quality whips, cats, floggers, flat braids.

Henkin, William
"Erotic Power Play." By William A. Henkin and Sybil Holiday.
_Sandmutopia Guardian_, Part I in Issue Nine, 1991, pp. 9-12; Part II
in Issue Ten, 1992, pp. 5-10.


_In Step_
A monthly newspaper for those who love to worship the Female
foot. Published by Tri D Enterprises, DBA IN STEP, P.O. Box 386,
Walnut, California, 91788. Volume 4, Issue #8, out in August, 1994.
Price: $32.00 Annual US. Comments: Billed as the "Foot Lovers
Dream." Stories about trampling, crushing, tickling, and foot worship
galore. Includes photos, ads, and personals. [MB]

Jaffe, Deborah
_MSR: Master/Slave Relationship Audio Recordings_. Available
from P.O. Box 191211, San Francisco, CA 94119-1211. Deborah Jaffe
continues to produce music combining synthesizers, drums, and vocals.
Her themes include lust, S/M, bondage, evil, anarchy, and violence. Her
many titles include: Bed of Perverse Dreams, Being Led Around by the
Tongue, Blue Faced Lust, Captive Heart, The Love of a Saint
(Darkness), Soundtrack to Black Leather Bondage, Throwing It to the
Wind, and others. She has a new interactive fetish CD called "Smut
Picture Racket." She has a web page now. [SP]

Jellinghaus, Rob
_Alt.Sex.Bondage FAQ_. Edited by The FAQ is posted around the 11th of month. It consists of
3 Parts: Pt. 1 - 1337 lines, Pt. 2 - 953 lines, Pt. 3 - 1105 lines. From: Rob Jellinghaus). Date: 11/14/94. Last revised on
9/11/94. This document can be found at at number of locations on the
Net. Rob suggests: http: You can
also get to Rob at [MB]

Kelly, Minx
_Vatican Revue #001_. A 29K bibliography with some
annotations and many brief blurbs for lots of BDSM fiction titles.
Female and male Dom titles reviewed. Prepared 11/1/93. Found in

Kerr-Sutherland, Alice (1870-1939)
_A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen_. By A Lady,
most probably Alice Kerr-Sutherland. Subtitle: The Successful
Administration of Physical Discipline to Males, by Females. With
illustrations by a former pupil, probably Gerald Hamer - the original
publisher. Reprinted from the original Private Edition of 1924.
London, Delectus Books, c 1994. 113 pages. Price: $34.95 US. ISBN:
1897767 05 6. Comments: See the entry under "The Governess" for
information about the Alice Kerr-Sutherland Society. A sophisticated
guide to the stylish art of Dominant Women disciplining boys and
gentlemen. Lots of rules for the good and proper behavior of
sumbissive boys. Rituals and techinques for effective corporal
punishment. The role of Aphrodite Philomastirx, Our Lady of the
Scourge, as Nurse, Mistress and Dame. In the delightful, urbane,
British style. [SP]

_Kinky People, Places and Things_
A magazine published six times a year by DM International, P.O.
Box 99770, Seattle, WA 98199 USA. Comments: Contains B&W
photos, drawings, short informative articles, organization listings,
reviews, S/M news, ads, and a very larger number of personal ads for
contacts. Emphasis upon northwestern USA and Canada. Lots of
Femme Dom. See also "Bitches With Whips." [SP]

Klaw, Irving
According to Fritz Peronius (11/5/95), you can obtain photographs
and videos of a few films by Irving Klaw from Movie Star News, 134
W. 18th Street, NY, NY 10011; 1-800-555-1212. Lots of 1950's
bondage photos, e.g., Betty Page posing as a FemDom Top, among

Kossmann, Alfred
_Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Martyr For a Day-Dream_.
[Publication details uncertain. 1959. The only solid reference I have is
in Dutch: "Martelaar voor een dagdroom: over leven en werk van
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch", Amsterdam, Querido, 1970.] Comments:
extensive bibliographical and biographical study on Sacher-Masoch.

Kroll, Eric
_Fetish Girls_. Hardbound artbook. 200 pages with half in color.
Price: $25.00 US. Source: Lucifer's Armory, 874 Broadway, Suite 808,
New York, NY 10003.

Lady Green
_The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook For Nervous
Beginners_. By Lady Green, 1992. Available from Lady Green,
3739 Balboa Avenue #195, San Francisco, CA 94121. Paperbound, 57
pages. Comments: A tender hearted introduction to playful SM loving
for hets. Informative introduction for beginning Fem Dommes. Lady
Green is an outstanding and regular contributor to and
other newsgroups. [MB]

Lady Tanith
_A Tangled Web: The Art of Slavery_. A Training Manual for
Mistresses, Masters and slaves. Version 1.1. From Lady Tanith, P.O.
Box 7925, Berkeley, CA 94707-0925. (415) 234-7887. Contains a
section on S&M Resources, pp. 23-32. Spiral bound manuscript of 32
pages. Lady Tanith has also published _S/M: A Player's Handbook_,
and _Fantascenes_. [MB]

_LBW Magazine_
LBW (Leather, Bondage & Whips) Magazine. Fact, Fiction and
Fantasy in support of the Female-Dominant Lifestyle. 3140-B West
Tighman St. #139, Allentown, PA 18104. Editrix: Mistress Lisa;
Associate: Mistress Sophia; Design: Andreas Mann. Internet: Published quarterly, $25.00 per year. Comments:
Includes interviews, short articles, stories, reviews of books and films,
quality B&W photos and graphics, nice layout, news about events and
resources, tips on Internet options, personal ads, commercial ads, and
BBS information. Associated with Popular Emotion BBS 215-386-9333.
East Coast emphasis. A nice blend of perspectives from some
sophisticated BDSM enthusiasts dedicated to Female Dominance.

_Leatherfolk: Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice_.
Edited by Mark Thompson. Alyson Publications, Inc., 40
Plympton Street, Boston, MA., 1991. B&W photographs, bibliography,
xx, 328 pages. Contains short biographies of the contributors. ISBN:
1-55583-187-7. [SP]

_Leather Links_
Leather Links - Celebrating the Dominant Female. Monthly
newspaper. Price: $25.00 per year. Published by B&D Pleasures, Bill
and Debbie Majors Enterprises, PO Box 92889, Long Beach, CA 90809-2889.
B&D Majors Enterprises offers a confidential photo lab service.
They can be reached at (310) 631-1600; or via the Internet at

Leda Productions
Leda female dominant videos. Leda Productions, PO Box 632, San
Marcos, CA 92079-0632. Phone: (619) 630-0737. Two dozen or more
video titles that feature women in a variety of clothing and settings who
are into spanking, face slapping, caning, strapping, and otherwise
dominating masochistic men. Some real hard core spanking and
whipping scenes. Price range: $69-$99. Also connected with Nu-West/Leda,
PO Box 35, San Marcos, CA 92079; in distributing and
producing catalogs, pamphlets, audiotapes, and titles such as _Ma'am_
and _International Discipline Review_ magazines. [SP]

Le Fel, Marie-France
_Petit Dictionnaire historique et pratique de la domination et du
sadisme des femmes_. Paris, Robert Laffont, 1981. 280 pages. ISBN
2-221-00703-4. Comments: Encyclopedic dictionary of historical
antecedents and legends involving feminine domination and cruelty.

_The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual_.
Edited by Pat Califia. Lace Publications, an imprint of Alyson
Publications, Boston, MA, 1988. 76 pages. ISBN: 1-55583-301-2.
Price: $ 10.00 US. Comments: [MB]

Love, Brenda
_The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices_. Fort Lee, New
Jersey, Barricade Books, Inc., 1992. 150 B&W illustrations, 750
entries, bibliography (pp. 317-326), index, glossary, list of suppliers,
336 pages. ISBN: 0-942637-64-X. Price: $ 29.95 US. Now available
in paperback. Comments: A first rate reference work. Very good cross
references and source documentation. Basic information about just
about every type of obscure and creative sex play. [MB]

_Love's Illusion_.
The author is anonymous. Published by Masquerade Books, New
York, c 1989. 202 pages. ISBN: 1-56333-100-4. Price: $4.95 US.
Comments: [MB].

Luther, Jeanette
_Tied Up With Love: The Making of Mistress Antoinette_.
Available from Versatile Fashions, PO Box 1051, Tustin CA 92681.
131 pages. Price: $14.95 US.

Published by London Enterprises Limited and distributed by
Lyndon Distributors Limited, 15756 Arminta Street, Van Nuys, CA
91406. Irregular publication. Female Dominance of submissive males.
Lots of spanking and caning by conventionally dressed Ladies. Issue #6
dated December, 1992. Available from Shadow Lane, and Nu-West/Leda. [MB]

Malatesta, Louise
_The Queen of the Grove, and Other Tales_ Illustrations by
Sardax. London, Chardmore Press, Tim Woodward Pub., LTD, c 1993.
Short stories and poems about the disciplinary role of the Female as
wife, mother, stepmother, schoolmistress, governess, nannies, etc..
Studies of the English "Disciplinary Woman" with whip or cane in hand.
155 pages. ISBN: 0-9518268-3-2. Price: ? US. Printed in Great
Britain. Comments: [MB]

Marcus, Maria
_A Taste For Pain: On Masochism and Female Sexuality_
Translated from the Danish by Joan Tate. New York, St. Martin's
Press, 1981. 267 pages. ISBN: 0-312-78619-0. Comments: A quasi
autobiographical study of the feelings, thoughts, and lifestyle issues
facing a masochist who is also a serious feminist. Set in the European
scene. [SP]

New York, Zone Books, 1991. 293 pages. ISBN: 0-942299-55-8.
Translated by Jean McNeil. Contains "Coldness and Cruelty" by Gilles
Deleuze, and the complete text of the work "Venus in Furs" by Leopold
von Sacher-Masoch. Price: $ 13.50 US. Comments: The paper,
printing, and cover of this book are outstanding. Our favorite version
of The Venus, "Venus im Pelz, 1870." The very sophisticated and
insightful essay by Gilles Deleuze that will be difficult reading for most.

McClintock, Anne
"Maid to Order." _Skin Two_, Issue 14, 1993, pp. 70-77.
Includes short bibliography. Provides an analysis of SM and gender
powers, abridged from _Dirty Looks_, and insightfully handles the
topics of SM and sexology, the domestic slave, the dirt fetish, the
policing of SM, the right to punish, and SM as a Theatre of Risk. [SP]

_Men Under Control_
A bimonthly periodical. Published by CF Publications, Box
706EU, E. Setauket, NY 11733. A six issue subscription for $60, and
single issues for $12.50. A periodical dedicated to dominant women
and the men they spank. [SP]

Miller, Philip
_Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual
Sorcery of Sadomasochism_. By Philip Miller and Molly Devon.
Mystic Rose Books, c 1995, Dept L., P.O. Box 1036/SMS, Fairfied, CT
06432. $28.70, 271 pages, 225 photos and illustrations. Both writers
are experienced BDSM players. Safety, fun, relationships, fantasy and
game playing, explanations, resources, techniques .... [SP]

Mistress Blanca
_Pointer to Sex Info on the Net_ (PtSIotN) Prepared by Mistress
Blanca and Peter (Green Way) at Version 4.3,
12/1/95, 73K,, 54 pages. A detailed subject index and title list of
**sexually oriented** (SexO) newsgroups, mail lists, IRCs, FAQs, some
WWW Pages, Gophers, archives, BBSes, resource guides,
bibliographies, sources and tools on or about SexO on the Internet.
Updated and posted to on the 1st of each month. Moderator
approved (2/12/95) for posting to news.answers, and alt.answers. For

Mistress Clare
Write to Ms. C, Box 15, Station A, Etobicoke, ONT M9C2V3
Canada. She has a collection of erotic writings in her Strictly Stories
Catalog. She also publishes the newsletter _subCULTURE_. Rather
expensive, but well written stories. Her long story `The Swiss Finishing
School' ran in four "Bitches With Whips" issues recently 93/94. [SP]

Mistress Cybelle
"Professional Dominance: Thoughts for Female Dominants (and
their clients)." from _Sandmutopia Guardian_, Issue 13, pp 6-10.

Mistress Jacqueline
_Whips and Kisses: Parting the Leather Curtain_ As told to C.
Tavel and R.H. Rimmer. Prometheus Books, c 1991. ISBN: 0-87975-656-X.
237 pages. Comments: A housewife turned professional
Dominatrix tells her story of SM encounters. [SP]

Mistress Leah LaFleur
Miscellaneous Writings. Short essays were readily available by
mail from the professional Dominatrix Leah LaFleur in 1993. Write to
Ms. Leah LaFleur, 2005 Palo Verde Ave. Ste. #214, Long Beach, CA
90815-3399. Mistress La Fleur offers manuscripts, audiotapes, and
videocassettes. [SP]

Mistress Nan
_My Private Life: Real Experiences of a Dominant Woman_.
Written by Mistress Nan ( ISBN: 81943-11-9.
She has also made tapes for Shadow Lane.

Mistress Sandy
Various video's featuring Female Dominants spanking, teasing,
humiliating, disciplining, and bedding bad boys. Send for information:
Mistress Sandy, 2219 Thousand Oaks Blvd., #149, Thousand Oaks, CA

Nash, Elizabeth
_Plaisirs d'Amour: An Erotic Guide to the Senses_. San Franscisco,
Harper, Harper Collins Publishers, c 1995. First Edition, 192 pages.
Over 200 high quality illustrations. $20.00 U.S.. ISBN: 0-06-251149-1.
Comments: About erotic sensuality and not about BDSM; but
BDSM is another an erotic sensuality style. [SP]

Nu-West/Leda Productions
PO Box 35, San Marcos, CA 92079. Producers and distributors of
Fem Dom spanking and fetish videos, audiotapes, magazines, and
catalogs. See Leda Productions. [MB]

Similar to _Skin Two_. Publication discontinued in 1993 due to
financial and other problems of Peter Czernich and Petra Roth. High
quality BDSM/fetish art magazine.

Oakgrove, Artemis
_The Raging Peace, Dreams of Vengeance, and Throne of
Council_. Boston: Lace/Alyson Publications, c 1984.

Olympia Publishing
(UK) Ltd., 36 Union Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2LE, UK.

_Orb & Scepter_
Write to this organization at: Orb & Scepter, 252 Convention
Center Dr., Suite 483, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Phone: (702) 251-7201
(24-hour recorded information). The Queen and Her devoted princes
will show the pathway to Women and men seeking to right the wrongs
of the patriarchal disorders. Actually, quite romantic and powerful!

_Our Girls_
A crossdressers magazine by Mistress Lisa and Bobbi. Bobbi Swan,

Paglia, Camille
_Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence From Nefertiti To Emily
Dickinson_. Vintage Books, Random House, Reprint of Yale University
Press book, 1990. xiv, 718 pages, index, notes. ISBN: 0-679-73579-8.

_Passion: Our Leather Soul_
Glossy FemDom magazine with articles, stories, and photos (color
and B&W). Published by Mistress Diamond at DIAMOND, 8280
James Ave., Ste. 54A, Woodridge, IL, 60517. [MB]

Pharaoh Publishing
Goddes or Domina videotape series. Pharaoh Publishing, P.O. Box
20 Hengoed, CF8 7YB (UK).

_Pleasure and Danger: Exploring Female Sexuality_.
Edited by Carole S. Vance. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul,

Polhemus, Ted
_Rituals of Love: Sexual Experiments, Erotic Possibilities_.
Essays by Ted Polhemus; interviews and photographs by Housk
Randall. London, Picador, 1995, $25.95. Essays, interviews, and
photographs of people in the S/M scene in London. [SP]

_The Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality_.
Edited by Ann Snitow, Christine Stansell and Sharon Thompson.
New York, Monthly Review Press, 1983.

Prezwalski, Jim
_The Kiss of the Whip: Explorations in S/M_. Leyland, c 1995,

Princess Sheeba
_The Dream Land Series_. Stylish erotic drawings on cards. Order
from Princess Sheeba, P.O. Box 664, Beaconsfield, P.Q., Canada H9W
5V3. Set of 12 cards: 2 cards of either 6 Dom or 6 sub women, $25.00.
Princess Sheeba is a fashion designer and a successful artist and
craftsperson while active in the scene. Her articles appear in a variety of
BDSM publications.

_QSM Newsletter_
P.O. Box 882242, San Francisco, CA 94188. For information call
Karen Mendelsohn, (415) 550-7776. One newsletter provides
information on classes, workshops, and seminars offered by QSM on
radical sexuality in the San Francisco area. The second newsletter
provides information about books, magazines, and sources for services
and information. They produce an *outstanding* 16 page mail order
BDSM catalog, and offer a very good mail order service. [SP]

"Redemption Videos"
A collection of Sado-Vampiric classics distributed by Ritual World,
298 Brewer Street, London W1R 3FE. Titles include: Venus in Furs, La
Vampire Nue, Succubus, Valerie, etc..

_Riding Cult_
Published by R-H Fashions, Rogue-Hagen Publications, PO Box
122, Debry, DE22, 4XA, England. Glossy 9x11 magazine. Comments:
Lots of beautiful women on horseback in fetish attire as the cover crows:
Leather, Rubber, PVC, Whips, Spurs, High Heels ... Devoted to the
Dominant Female. A Cruella Fantasy Special. Related to _Goddess_
and _Cruella_ from R_H; and these three share some the same models.
Retail from $12-$16. A naked guy on all fours or a huge horse, and a
Properly Clad and Booted Lady with whip in Hand that Needs a Ride
.... Giddyup! County British Fetish fun Perv! [SP]

Ritual magazine, 29 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1 3FE.
Irregular. $20.00 per issue. 8.5"x11.5". Glossy magazine, color and
b&w photos, comics, photos of London Perv scene participants, reviews,
extensive commercial ads, creative artwork and layout, and a few short
articles. Primarily a high end fetish art magazine. Another in the Skin
Two or O vein. [SP]

_The Romance of Chastisement_
Facsimile edition published by Delectus Books, London, England,
c1993. "The Romance of Chastisement or, Revelations of School and
Bedroom, by an Expert." ISBN: 1-897767-15-3. 150 pages.
Hardcover, $34.95 US. A reprint of a 1876 collection of short stories,
poetry, and high praises to the art of flagellation in the bedroom and
schoolroom. Swinburne would have cheered these revelations and
romantic visions of the delights of the birch rod. For those intermediate
and advanced SM people that enjoy the Mid-Victorian style. [MB]

Rampling, Ann
_Exit to Eden_. This book was written by Anne Rice.
Dell Publishing/Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub. Group, NY, c 1985. 308
pages. ISBN: 0-440-12392-5. Price: $5.99 US. Comments: Released
as a motion picture in 10/94, directed by Garry Marshall.

_Roses With Thorns_
Quarterly FemDom Zine. P.O. Box 40018, Sarasota, FL 34242-0018.

Rossi, William A.
_The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe_. Malabar, FL, Krieger
Publishing Company, 1993 (Reprint). 265 pages. ISBN

Ryder, Deborah
_Half Dressed, She Obeyed_. Divine Press, P.O. Box 108,
Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 4DD, England, 1993. Illustrations by Trevor

Sacher-Masoch, Leopold, Ritter von, 1836-1895
_Venus in Furs_. Venus in Furs, a novel; includes letters of
Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch and Emilie Mataja. Translated from the
German by Uwe Moeller and Laura Lindgren. Forward By Sylvere
Lotringer. New York, Blast Books, c 1989. 210 pages.
ISBN: 0-922233-01-2. Price: $9.95 U.S. Comments: Refer also to the title
"Masochism." Sacher-Mashoch: born 1/27/1836, died 3/9/1895. [SP]

Sacher-Masoch, Wanda von
_The Confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch_. By the wife of
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The first English translation by Marian
Phillips, Caroline Hebert, and V. Vale. RESearch Publications, San
Francisco, c 1990. 126 pages. ISBN: 0-940642-23-9. Price: $13.99
US. Revised, expanded, annotated, and illustrated edition. Comments:
Wanda portrays Leopold as selfish, obsessed, insatiably masochistic,
and unstable; and, herself, as a woman trapped in an unsatisfactory
marriage, forced into a Top's role, and ever protective of her children.
Their frequent periods of poverty, along with Wanda's being forced into
endless sexual intrigues due to her husband's compulsion to be
cuckolded create unsurmountable problems for their marriage. [MB]

I.P.R., Escornalbou 6, 08.041 Barcelona, Spain. Spanish language.
*Without any doubt is the best femdom magazine published in Spain.
Each monthly issue has a contribution of Domina Zara, Spain's most
famous Mistress. SADE has also a club in Barcelona.* [Sal]

Salmansohn, Karen
_How To Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days Or Less, Using The
Secrets Of Professional Dog Trainers_. Workman Publishing, c 1994.
93 pages. ISBN 1-56305-626-7. Price: $8.95 US. Comments: Funny,
but true. Understand his doglike behavior patterns and his breed type,
then treat him like a dog, and make him behave! Finally, some
humorous D/s. Delightful illustrations of man as dog at the feet of his
Mistress. So, "Peter, Come!, Sit!, now Go! Fetch! me another bourbon
and seven. Good boy!" [MB]

_The SandMUtopia Guardian_
The Sandmutopia Guardian & Dungeon Journal. A quarterly
magazine, Published by: The Utopia Network, P.O. Box 1146, New
York, New York 10156, (516) 842-1711 and FAX (516) 842-7518,
Internet In 1995, Mitch Kessler and Gerrie
Blum took over this publication. Black and white photographs, essays,
informative articles, interviews, ads, classified ads, drawings, resource
guides, bibliographies, and illustrations. Pan-sexual SM D/s emphasis.
Formerly (pre 1995) published by Desmodus, Inc., San Fransicso, CA.
Former publisher Anthony F. DeBlase aka Fledermaus. Managing
editor Fledermaus, Joseph W. Bean. Editor Carol Truscott. In October,
1992 the new publisher is Martijn Bakker; and the new editor is
Victoria Baker. In 1994, the editor was Pat Califia. The famous older
brother gay SM publication of the SG is "Dungeon Master." [MB]

Schad-Somers, Suzanne
_Sadomasochism: Etiology and Treatment_. New York, Human
Sciences Press, 1982.

Schlichtegroll, Carl Felix von
_Wanda' ohne Maske und Pelz_. (Wanda' Without Mask and
Furs.) French translation: Paris, Tchou publ., 1968. 255 pages. No
ISBN. Comments: A detailed defense of Sacher-Masoch against his
wife's scurrilous allegations. Many details on their married life and
"Wanda's" (Aurora nee Rumelin) total unworthiness. [FR]

Scott, Gini Graham
_Erotic Power: An Exploration of Dominance and Submission_.
Published by Carol Publishing Group, A Citadel Press Book, NY,
c 1983. 257 pages. ISBN: 0-8065-0968-6. $ 10.95 US. Comments:
A sensitive documentary study of the SM D/s scene in and around San
Francisco. Considerable attention given to heterosexual couples and
groups, with a strong emphasis upon Female Domination of submissive
males. Ms. Scott brings insight and understanding into her reporting,
generalizations, and commentary. Important comments on the
activities and members of the Service of Mankind Church. A landmark
work! [MB]

Sellers, Terence
_The Correct Sadist: The Memoirs of Angel Stern_. With
illustrations by Genesis P-Orridge. Brighton, England, Temple Press
Limited, Revised Edition, 1990. First published in 1983 by Vitriol
Pubs., New York. B&W drawings, v, 167 pages. ISBN: 1-871744-45-8.
Price: $15.00 US. Now out of print. Comments: A very insightful and
thoughtfully written collection of reflections on SM. A Sadistic
Dominatrix tells about her methods and techniques, her soul searching,
and how she learned to dominate her masochistic clients - most of
whom she seemed to despise. Numerous dialogues between different
scene characters. Interesting collage artwork by GP-O (interviewed in
"Modern Primitives," 1989). An important early work (1983) by a
sophisticated participant, observer and writer. [MB]

_Selecting a Professional Dominatrix_
Mentor Publications, Diversified Services, PO Box 35737,
Brighton, MA 02135. 19 pages. Price: $5.00. [MB]

Servadio, Gaia
_Histora de R_. Spanish language. *In La Sonrisa Vertical
Collection (Tusquets Editores SA, Iradier 24, bajos. 08017 Barcelona,
Spain). We can consider this novel as a story of O but with a sub
male.* [Sal]

_The Service of Mankind Church_
Write to this organization at: The Service of Mankind Church, PO
Box 1335, El Cerrito, CA 94530. Phone: (510) 874-4974 Hotline, or
(510) 232-1396, Business phone, 10 AM - 7 PM PT. Comments: See
asfd FAQ for comments on SMC. Extensive discussion of SMC in Gini
Scott's 1983 book. Also, you can try: Northeaster Region Essemian
Sanctuary of the Goodess, P.O. Box 281172 East Hartford, CT
16128-1172, Director: Laura Goodwin, HPs,

_SF & Fantasy Alternate Sexuality Booklist_
From: (Mary Anne). Dated: 2/2/94.

Shellogg, Susan
_Unnatural Acts_. New York, Barricade Books, Inc., c 1994. 254
pages. Price: $21.00 US. ISBN: 1-56980-00006. Comments: A
successful New York professional Dominatrix, Mistress Sonya, tells of
her experiences. [MB].

_Skin Two_
A glossy magazine with high quality color and B&W photographs,
graphic art, short essays, artwork, illustrations, interviews, cartoons,
classified ads, and resource guides. Publisher/Editor Tim Woodward.
Tim Woodward Publishing Ltd., BCM Box 2071, London WC1N 3XX.
London-European emphasis, but worldwide in scope. Around 100
pages per issue. Top quality commentary and articles on the BDSM
fetish culture. Outstanding, highly artistic fetish photography. [SP]

_La Sonrisa Vertical_
*The collection La Sonrisa Vertical (Tusquets Editores) is the best
collection of erotic literature in Spanish. Here we can find many titles,
but, obviously, the most interesting for us are: La Venus de las Pieles,
Historia de O, Senorita Tacones Altos, A los pies de Omphalos, La
iniciacion de R, and Justine.* [Sal]

California Sex Newsmagazine. 1-800-624-8433.

Spectrum Press
Spectrum Press Inc., 3023 N. Clark Street #109, Chicago, IL
60657. Phone: 1-800-606-1419. Internet: Karen
Olsen. A variety of books (classics, U.S. government, fiction) available
on PC or Mac disk format, and erotica of interest by such writers as
Susan Anders, Jocelyn Joyce, Rachel Perez. [SP]

_Stand Corrected_
A magazine "Dedicated to the Romance of Discipline." Published
by Shadow Lane, 3960 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Suite 461, Studio City,
CA 91614-3791. Comments: Shadow Lane offers numerous
videotapes, audiotapes, photosets, unbound manuscripts, books and
magazines. They primarily emphasize the spanking of women by other
women or men, but occasionally feature male spankees. Stand
Corrected, Shadow Lane's flagship publication, Issue 12, Spring 1992,
offers 64 pages of "elegant spanking erotica": short stores, cartoons,
artwork, ads, clubs, etc.. They also produce the magazines: Over the
Knee, Spank Hard, and The Spank Shoppe. Quality products aimed at
spanking enthusiasts of both sexes. [MB]

Studlar, Gaylyn
_In the Realm of Pleasure: Von Sternberg, Dietrich, and the
Masochistic Aesthetic_. Urbana, Illinois, University of Illinois Press,
1988. Comments: [MB]

Studlar, Gaylyn
`Masochism and the Perverse Pleasures of the Cinema.' _Movies
and Methods_, edited by Bill Nichols, 1985, 2:602-621, Berkeley and
Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1985. Comments: [MB]

Suffield, Pamela
_Gospel of the Goddess: A Return to God the Mother_. By Pamela
Suffield and William Bond. Illustrations from the Tarot and Quabalah.
New York, Artemis Creations Pub., c 1994. ISBN: 0-9640963-4-X.
Price: $19.95 US.

Apartado de Correos 747, 41080 Sevilla, Spain. Spanish language.
Bimonthly. *The newest femdom magazine published in Spain (issue 3
by now).* [Sal]

_Tacones Altos_
Erospress, Muntaner 114 bajos, 08036 Barcelona, Spain. Spanish
language. Color. *The Spanish edition of Leg Show, published in the
USA by Leg Glamour Inc of New York.* [Sal]

_Taste of Latex_
Starting in 1995, this magazine will be published by DM
International, P.O. Box 16188, Seattle WA 98116-0188.

Tan, Cecilia (Editor)
_S/M Futures: Erotica on the Edge_. Circlet Press, c 1995, $12.95.

Terry, Victor
"Happy S/M Holidays: Gifts For Players." Reviewed by Victor
Terry. _Checkmate 13, Incorporating Dungeon Master_ (November,
1995, pp. 15-19. An excellent summary of recent good books and
videos. Mostly for the S/M gay male, but others also included. Contact
information about BDSM publishers and video makers.

Truscott, Carol
`S/M: Some Questions and a Few Answers.' _Leatherfolk_, edited
by Mark Thompson, 1991, pp. 15-36.

Tusquets Editores SA,
Tusquets Editores SA, Iradier 24, bajos. 08017 Barcelona, Spain.
Spanish language publisher of a number of femdom titles: "La Srta
Tacones Altos" is the Spanish edition of "Miss High-Hells" (Grove Press,
NY) where Helen and her friends mistreat Dennis; "La institutriz
inglesa" (published by Albor in the collection La Fuente de Jade) is the
spanish edition of "Harriet Marwood, Governess" (Grove Press, NY);
"Ceremonia de Mujeres" is the Spanish edition to Jean de Berg's
"Women's Rites: Scenes from the Erotic Imagination" (Grove Press, NY)
wherein a young woman in the BDSM clubs of NY finds her identity as
a Dominatrix. [Sal]

Uncle Wiggly
`How To Find a Mistress.' From _Sandmutopia Guardian_, Issue
13, pp. 11-14.

Valverde, Mariana
_Sex, Power, and Pleasure_. Toronto, Women's Press, 1985.

The Utopian Network
Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys. The Utopian
Network, POB 1146, New York, NY 10156, (516) 842-1771. WWW
Home Page at: http://www/ Blanca and I have
purchased many of their whips, and appreciate the fine quality and
reasonable prices of these instruments of discipline and awakening.
Every style of whip/paddle/strap/cane from the Very Severe to the mild.
Custom work possible. See notes under SandMUtopian Guardian.

Vera, Diane
`Nine Degrees of Submission. Kinds of Masochism and/or
Submission.' Temporary Consensual `Slave Contract.' _The Lesbian
S/M Safety Manual_, edited by Pat Califia, 1988, pp. 69-76.

_Versatile Fashions_
Mistress Antionette's clothing and fetish fashions, adult literature,
videos, BBs lists, and CD ROM products. On the Internet at: In the business for over 17 years. Erotic
Fantasy Clothing for the CyberKinky! Order by email
( or call 1-800-546-2902. [SP]

Published by Lady Scheherazade (Lori Rice) and slave sarah (Sarah
DePalma). Write to Villeinage, PO Box 74-1193, Houston TX 77074.
Phone (713) 778-1416. "A bimonthy magazine and communications
network for adult power exchange organizations. Anyone interested in
d&s, s&m, b&d, leather, fetishes, and similar topics will find our
magazine to be an invaluable source of information." [ss] Includes a
regular column by yours truly - [MB]. Price: $36.00 for 6 issues. The
first issue is scheduled for publication on October 31, 1994.
Publication suspended after the second issue in 7/95. [MB]

Von Cleef, Monique
_The House of Pain_. New York: Lyle Stuart, Inc., 1974.

Wallace, Gloria
_WELTS: The New Anthology of Female Domination in
Marriage_. By Gloria and Dave Wallace. Published by Artemis
Creations Publishing. (142 pages). $14.95 postpaid.

Ward, Bill
_The Art of Bill Ward_. Text by Bart Keister. Large format books,
English and French text, includes 100 BDSM drawings by Bill Ward.
Imported from France. Titles in this series include: _Chevrotine_,
_Bertha_, and _Pascaline_.

Warren, John
Author of the Mentor Series booklets on how to find and meet
BDSM lovers. Each booklet is 20 to 25 pages. See subject: Personals.
Mentor Publications, Diversified Services, PO Box 35737, Brington,
MA 02135.

Women who Administer Punishment (WhAP!). A spanking zine,
according to email on 11/3/95 from Keri at
Fourth Issue out 12/95. RETRO SYSTEMS, 1850 Union St., Suite
1261-X, San Francisco, CA 94123. [MB]

_Wicked Women_
A magazine published by Wicked Women, P.O. Box 305, Redfern,
2016, Australia. [SP]

Williams, Linda 1946-
_Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the "Frenzy of the Visible_.
Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1989. Index (pp. 310-330),
Bibliography (297-310), Notes, xii, 330 pages. ISBN: 0-520-06652-9.
Chapter 7, pp.184-228, deals with sadomasochistic film
pornography. [MB]

Wiseman, Jay
`Dungeon Safety For the Professional Mistress: I - III.' From
_Bitches With Whips_, Vol 2 No. 3, Vol 2 No. 4, and Vol 3 No. 1.
Longer articles that deal with recognizing and correcting hazardous
conditions in the dungeon, dealing with medical emergencies, and
dealing with clients. [SP]

Wiseman, Jay
_SM 101: A Realistic Introduction_. A spiralbound text. c 1992.
244 pages. Price: $24.95 US. References, resources, glossary.
Comments: An excellent guide to the basic concepts, psychological
aspects, social concerns, techniques, safety, a tools of erotic SM D/s.

_Zeitgeist International_
Semiannual, glossy, color fetish magazine. English language
articles, ads, and news. Quality photographs. Zeitgeist Mail Order: 66
Holloway Road, London N7 8JC. Fax: 071-607-8144. Mail Order by
phone: 071-607-1310.



Amazons, Warrior Women, Heroic-Athletic Women
amazons-l (

Artists, Photographers, Graphic Artists, Illustrators

Eros Comics.
Guido Crepax.
Panasewicz. Las Vegas.
Michael Rosen. San Francisco.
See Also: Periodicals, Illustrated Works
Priscess Sheeba. Dream Land Series. Canada.

Audiotapes, Audio CDs

Femina Society
Jaffe, Deborah
Leda Productions.
Shadow Lane Productions. Eve Howard interviews.
Wolfe, Catherine. Orb & Scepter.

Autobiographical, Biographical and Interviews

Bob Flanagan: Supermasochist. Bob Flanagan.
Call Me Mistress. Natalie Rhys.
The Confessions of Wanda von Sacher-Masoch.
The Correct Sadist. Terence Sellers.
Erotic Power. Gini Scott.
The First Masochist. James Cleugh.
Good Sex. Julia Hutton (Editor).
The House of Pain. Monique Van Cleef.
It's Only a Game. Lindi St. Clair.
Leatherfolk. Mark Thompson (Editor).
Leatherwomen. Laura Antoniou (Editor).
Leda Productions.
Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch. Alfred Kossmann.
Sadomasochism. Elizabeth Harris.
Skin Two. Magazine.
A Taste For Pain. Maria Marcus.
Tied Up With Love. Jeanette Luther.
Unnatural Acts. Susan Shellogg.
Wanda' Ohne Maske und Pelz. Carl Schlichtegroll.
Whips and Kisses. Mistress Jacqueline.
Women on Top. Nancy Friday.

Bibliographies, Reference Works, Indexes, Pointers

Bibliography on Feminism and World Politics.
Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. Brenda Love.
FAQ for
FAQ for Rob Jellinghaus.
FAQ for Jay Doubleyou.
Femina Society Book List. Ms. C. - Mistress Infinity
Happy S/M Holidays. Victor Terry.
Petit Dictionnaire... Marie-France Le Fel.
Pointer to Sex Info on the Net. Green Way.
Sensuous Magic. Pat Califia.
SF & Fantasy Alternate Sexuality Booklist. Mary Anne.
S&M Bibliogrpahy. Graham Barron.
S&M: An Annotated Bibliography. Michael P. Garofalo.
SM101. Jay Wiseman.
Vatican Revue #001. Minx Kelley.

Bookstores, Mail Order

Delectus Books. London.
The Eclectic Connection. Chicago.
Good Vibrations. San Francisco.
QSM. San Fransicso.

Bottom, Submissive, Masochist, Slave

The bottoming Book. Dossie Easton and Lady Green
Bound and Gagged magazine.
Masochism. Lyn Cowan.
Metropolitan slave magazine.
S&M 101. Jay Wiseman.
Ties That Bind. Guy Baldwin.

Bulletin Board Systems, Electronic BDSM

The English Palace
Popular Emotion BBS. 215-386-9333
See Also: Internet Newsgroups, Internet Directory

CD ROM, Comuter Software

CyberKinky CD Catalog. Versatile Fashions.
Klassy Kinks
Mistress Jacqueline's Dungeon.
Spectrum Press.

Chivalry, Courtly Love, Romantic Rites and Customs

1,001 Ways To Be Romantic. Gregory Godek.

Chronological List: Important Works, Landmark Works

1800 Juliette. Marquis de Sade.
1870 Venus In Furs. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch.
1884 Monsieur Venus. Rachilde (Vallette).
1924 A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen.
? Eros: The Meaning of My Life. Edith Cadivec.
1971 Eulenspiegel Society Newletter, now Prometheus
1972 Leatherman's Handbook. Larry Townsend.
1974 S/M: The Last Taboo. Caroline Greene.
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1989 Sandmutopian Guardian magazine
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1992 SM101. Jay Wiseman.
1993 Different Loving. Gloria G. Brame.
1993 Sensuous Magic. Pat Califia.
1995 Screw the Roses, Give Me the Thorns. Philip Miller.

Clothing, Fetish Fashions, Leather and Latex, Body Modifications
Beyond Leather. Pat Califia.
Body Play. Magazine.
Boot Lover's Digest. Magazine.
Corset (FAQ) by Ms. Margo
Cross Dressing With Dignity. Peggy J. Rudd.
Deva Fetish. Image Art Books.
Divinity. Magazine.
Domina. Magazine.
The Erotic Art of Leone Frollo. Image Art Books.
Fantasy Fashion Digest. Magazine.
Female Fetishism. Lorraine Gamman.
Fetish Times. Magazine.
Fetish World. Magazine.
Leatherfolk. Mark Thompson (Editor).
Leg Tease - Fantastic Books
O. Magazine.
PFIQ. Piercing Fans International Quarterly. Magazine.
Ritual. Magazine.
See Also: Fetishism, Crossdressing
The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe. William A. Rossi.
Skin Two. Magazine.
Stiletto. Magazine.
Tied Up With Love. Jeanette Luther.
TV Connection. Magazine.
Versatile Fashions. Mistress Antoinette.
Yva Richard. Alexandre Dupouy.
Zeitgeist International. Magazine.

Fetishism, Clothing and Fashions, Chronology

1914-1943, Yva Richard, Paris

Commentaries, Essays, Criticism and Interpretation

Against Sadomasochism. R. Linden (Editor).
The Best of Skin Two. Tim Woodward (Editor).
Erotic Power. Gini Scott.
The Kiss of the Whip. Jim Prezwalski.
Leatherfolk. Mark Thompson.
Petit Dictionnaire... Marie-France Le Fel.
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Sexual Personae. Camille Paglia.

Cross Dressing, Petticoat Domination, Transvestites

Cross Dressing With Dignity. Peggy J. Rudd.
Fetish World. Magazine.
My Husband Wears My Clothes. Peggy J. Rudd.
Our Girls. Ezine by
The Petticoat Dominant. A.K.S.S. Delctus Books.
Versatile Fashions. Mistress Antoinette.
Vested Interests. Marjorie Garber.

Equipment, Supplies, Stores, Craftswomen, Bookstores

Adams Whips and Gillian's Toys, The Utopian Network.
Alt.Sex.Bondage FAQ
Alt.Sex.Fetish FAQ
Bondage Catalog by Spartacus.
Caprice Moden, German.
Delectus Books, England.
Demask, Corsetry & Lingerie Catalog, Amsterdam
Draconian Leather by Metz, Janet Metz Hayes, Whips.
Fantasy Island Innovations Catalog
Geschnurt in Leder, German
Good Vibrations
Jeanette Heartwood, Heartwood Whips of Passion, California.
The Midian Conspiracy, England.
Olympia Publishing, England.
QSM. Karen Mendelsohn.
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Rubber Catalog, England
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TFN Research Group, Attitude, GDV, Dianna Vesta.
The Utopian Network, Adams Whips and Gillian's Toys.
Versatile Fashions. Mistress Antionette.
X-Trem, German.

Female Supremacy

Attitude. TFN Research. GDV. Dianna Vesta.
The Femina Society. Organization, publications.
Female Supremacy. Magazine.
Gynarchy Club. Organization.
Orb and Scepter. Organization. Catherine Wolfe.
Roses With Thorns.

Feminism, Women's Liberation, Women's Rights

Against Sadomasochism. Edited by R. Linden.
Backlash. Susan Faludi.
Bibliography on Feminism and World Politics.
The Castration of Oedipus. Carla Ferstman.
Female Sexual Slavery. Kathleen Barry.
The Femina Society.
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Sadomasochism in Everyday Life. Lynn Chancer.
Sexual Personae. Camille Paglia.
A Taste for Pain. Maria Marcus.
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Women in Power Forum on Delphi.

Fetishism, Perv-Style,

Fetish Times
Hair to Stay.
The Return of the Female Fetish and the Fiction of
the Phallus. Anne McClintock.
See Also: Clothing, Crossdressing, Illustrated Works,
Skin Two.
The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe. William Rossi.
Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. Sigmund Freud.

Fiction - Collected Works

Affinities. Rachel Perez. Masquerade & Spectrum.
By Her Subdued. Laura Antoniou (Editor)
CF Publications.
Coming To Power. Edited by SAMOIS.
Daughters of Darkness. Pam Keesey (Editor).
La Domme. Claire Baeder (Editor).
La Fuente de Jade. (Spanish)
Herotica. Susie Bright (Editor).
Leatherwomen. Laura Antoniou (Editor).
Leatherwomen II. Laura Antoniou (Editor).
Passage and Other Stories. Aarona Griffin.
The Pearl. Ballantine Books, Grove Press.
The Queen of the Grove. Louise Malatesta (Editor).
The Romance of Chastisment.
La Sonrisa Vertical

Fiction - Classics, Pre 19th Century Works

Arabian Nights. Nights 147 & 148 (Galland's #). [FR]
Arabian Nights. Nights 170-172 (Galland's #). [FR]
Bible. The Book of Judith.
Confessions. Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
Franklin's Tale from the Canterbury Tales
Juliette. Marquis de Sade.
The Nibelungenlied. (Brunhilde's Refusal.) [FR]
Wife of Bath's Tale from the Canterbury Tales

Fiction - Heterosexual, FemDom-malesub, Married Couples

Afternoons of a Woman of Leisure. Elizabeth Bennett.
The Agency Trilogy. David Meltzer.
The Applicant. Lizabeth Dusseau.
The Black Post Society. Mike Vickers.
Calenture I. (Trystilarn)
Calenture II. (Trystilarn)
Candy Lips. Jocelyn Joyce.
CF Publications.
Cinderella. Titan Beresford.
Courtney. 12/94.
Debbie's Gift. Sue (
The Delicious Daughter. Paul Little.
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My Darling Dominatrix. Grant Antrews.
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Venus in Furs. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch. 1870.
Wet Forever. David Aaron Clark.
Women's Rites. Jean de Berg.
See Also: Periodicals

Fiction - Governness, Schoolmistress, Headmistress

The Blue Rose. Alison Tyler.
A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen. A Lady.
The Delicious Daughter. Paul Little.
The English Governess. Anonymous.
First Training. Anonymous. Blue Moon.
The Governess. Magazine.
Harriett Marwood, Governess. See Caroline Greene.
Initiation Rites. Anonymous.
Judith Boston. Titian Beresford.
Lady F. Anonymous.
Mistress Mine. Valentina Cilescu.
Private Lessons. Anonymous.
The Queen of the Grove. Louise Malatesta (Editor).
The Romance of Chastisement.
Swiss Finishing School. Mistress Clare.

Fiction - Groups, Multi-Player Scenes, Orgies

Birch Fever. Martin Pyx.
Brutal Femdom (Parts 1-3).
By Her Subdued. Laura Antoniou, Editor.
The Catalyst. Sarah Adamson.
The Countess in Red.
Debbie's Gift. Sue (
Exit to Eden. Anne Rampling.
The Garden of Evil. Octave Mirbeau.
Lust of the Cossacks. Anonymous.
Master of Timberland. Sara French.
Making of a Mistress. (Mule)
My Darling Dominatrix. Grant Antrews.
Natasha. Delectus Books.
Passion in Rio. Anonymous.
Return to Timberland. Sara French.
The Sisters (1-5).
Story of Monique. Anonymous.
Toilet Service.
The Torture Garden. Octave Mirbeau.
The Yellow Room. Anonymous.

Fiction - Lesbian, Leatherdykes, FemDom-femsub, S/M Dykes

Affinities. Rachel Perez. Masquerade & Spectrum.
Amanda. Timothy Taylor.
Bad Attitude. Magazine.
Bad Habits. Lindsay Welsh.
Birch Fever. Martin Pyx.
The Blue Rose. Alison Tyler.
By Her Controlled. Laura Antoniou, Editor.
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CF Publications.
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Half Dressed, She Obeyed. Deborah Ryder.
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The Image. Jean de Berg.
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Leatherwomen II. Laura Antoniou (Editor).
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Melting Point. Pat Califia.
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The Sisters (1-5).
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Spring Fevers. Martin Pyx. Blue Moon.
The Surpirse Party. Pat Califia.
Taking Lauren. hawks@QueensU.CA (Katharine Hawks)
Tell Me What You Like. Kate Allen.
Throne of Council. Artemis OakGrove.
Venus Infers. Magazine.
A Victorian Romance. Lindsay Welsh.
White Thighs. Alexander Trocchi.

Fiction - New Societies, Alternative Culture

Egalia's Daughters. Gerd Brantenberg.
The Gothic Tower.

Fiction - Poetry

The Pearl. Grove Press.
Poems and Ballads. Swinburne. 1866.

Fiction - Science Fiction

S/M Futures. Cecilia Tan.
Telepaths Don't Need Safewords. Cecilia Tan.

Fiction - Vampires, Supernatural, Occult

Daughters of Darkness. Pay Keesey (Editor)
Demon Heat. Joycelyn Joyce (Peter Anselmo).

Films or Video - Comedy, Satire

The Adams Family. Barry Sonnenfeld, 1991.
Eating Raoul. Paul Bartel, 1982.
Exit to Eden. Garry Marshall, 1994.
High Anxiety. Mel Brooks, 1977.

Films or Video - Heterosexual, FemDom-malesub, Married Couples

Bitter Moon. Roman Polanski, 1992.
The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. Simon Callow, 1992.
The Blue Angel. Josef von Sternberg, 1930.
Body Chemistry II. Adam Simon, 1991.
Body of Evidence. Uli Edel, 1992.
Boy Meets Girl. Ray Brady.
Cruel Turnabout. Dungeon Video, 1990, #DVI107.
Dead Man 2. Ian Kerkhof.
Exit To Eden. Garry Marshall, 1994.
The Evil Camerman. Richard Kern.
Fanny Hill. 1981.
Heart of Midnight. Matthew Chapman, 1989.
In the Realm of the Senses. Nagisa Oshima, 1976.
La Maitresse. Gerard Depardieu, 1976.
La Vampire Nu. Jean Rollins.
Mano Destra. Cleo Ueblmann.
Mishima, A life In 4 Chapters (Kyoko's House).
Paul Schrader, 1985.
Mistress Bridgette's Justice. Janus Rainer, 1992.
My Tutor. George Bowers, 1992.
The Piano. 1993.
Salon Kitty. Tinto Brass.
Seduction: The Cruel Woman. Monika Treut, 1985.
La Sequence Des Barres Paralleles. Ian Kerkhof.
Sid and Nancy. Alex Cox, 1986.
Stations of the Cross. Ian Kerkhof.
Something Wild. Jonathan Demme, 1986.
Submit to Me, Pierce. Richard Kern, 1989.
Supervixens. Russ Meyer, 1975.
Temptation. Doris Kloster.
Tokyo Decadence. Ryu Murakami.
Take-out Torture. Dungeon Video, 1990, #DVI103.
Venus in Furs. Massimo Dallamano,
Venus In Furs. Maarje Seyferth & Victor Niewenhuijs, 1994.
A Woman in Flames. Robert Van Ackeren, 1984.
Warehouse Slaves Discipline. Bizarre Video, 1990.
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Films or Video - Lesbian, Leatherdyke, FemDom-Femsub

Chained Heat. Paul Nichols, 1983.
Female Misbehavior. Monika Treut, 1992.

Films or Video - Violence, Nonconsensual SM, Horror, Mystery

Alien. Ridley Scott. 1979.
Basic Instinct. Paul Verhoeven, 1992.
Batman Returns. Tim Burton, 1992.
Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Russ Meyer, 1962.
Illsa She Wolf of the SS. 1973.
Le Frisson Des Vampires. Jean Rollin.
Heart of Midnight. Matthew Chapman, 1989.
The Night Porter. 1973.
Romeo Is Bleeding. 1993.
Succubus. Jess Franco.
Valerie. Jaromil Jires.
Vampyres. Joseph Larraz, 1974.
Videodrome. David Cronenberg, 1983.

Films - Criticism and Interpretation, Reviews

Hard Core. Linda Williams.
Hollywood Babylon. David Flint.
Masochistic Ecstasy. Kaja Silverman.

Flagellation, Spanking, Whipping, Paddling

CF Publications.
Fellowship of the Rod. A.K.S.S.
The Governess. Magazine. A.K.S.S.
A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen.
Jeux De Dames Cruelles (1850-1960). Serge Nazarieff.
Leda/NuWest Productions.
My Private Life. Mistress Nan.
The Romance of Chastisement.
Sandmutopian Guardian. Magazine.
See Subject: Instructional, Techniques, How To.
Sweet Retribution. A.K.S.S. Delectus Books.

Goddess Worship
Aphrodite-l Contact Ceci at
The Once and Future Goddess. Elinor W. Gadon.
Reflexions sur Lilith. Jean Carteret.
La Renaissance De Lillith. Joel de Gravelaine.
See Also: Religion, Occult
The Spiral Dance. Starhawk.
The Witches' Goddess. Janet Farrar.

Governess, Schoolmistress,

A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen.
The Governess. Magazine. A.K.S.S.
The Romance of Chastisement.

Illustrated Works, Adult Comics, Drawings, Fine Art,

The Art of Bill Ward. Bill Ward.
The Art of (Eric) Stanton - Master of Bizarre, Book I.
L'Arte Erotica Di Leone Frollo. Leone Frollo.
Bertha. The Art of Bill Ward.
Bondage and Foot Fantasies. Saudelli.
Chevrotine. The Art of Bill Ward.
Confidential TV. Eric Stanton, Eros Comics, 1994.
Countess in Red.
Diva Bizarre.
Diva Fetish.
Diva Obsexion.
Drawing the Line.
Dressage & Una Bruna Pungente. Bernard Montorgueil.
The Dream Land Series. Princess Sheeba.
Eric Kroll's Fetish Girls.
Eros Comix.
The Erotic Art of Leone Frollo.
Erotica. Charlotte Hill.
Erotica Universalis. Gilles Neret, Editor.
Leda Productions.
Madame De Varennes & Barbara. Bernard Montorgueil.
Madam Adista. Gene Bilbrew, Bizarre Comics.
Pascaline. The Art of Bill Ward.
Prometheus. Magazine.
The Road to Repentance. Georges Pichard.
Rubber Monastery.
See Also: Periodicals, Artists
Skin Two. Magazine.
The Spider Garden. Michael Manning.
Valentina. Guido Crepax.
Venus in Furs. Guido Crepax.

Instructional, Techniques, How-To

The bottoming book. Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt.
The Correct Sadist. Terence Sellers.
Different Loving. Gloria Brame.
Finding Your Dominant Woman.
Learning the Ropes. Race Bannon.
Leatherman's Handbook (I & II) . Larry Townsend.
Leathersex. Joseph W. Bean.
The Lesbian S/M Safety Manual.
The Loving Dominant. John Warren.
The Master's Manual. Jack Rinella.
On the Safe Edge: A Manual for SM Play. Trevor Jacques.
Sensuous Magic. Pat Califia.
Selecting a Professional Dominatrix.
S/M: A Player's Handbook. Lady Tanith.
SM 101. Jay Wiseman.
The Topping Book. Bossie Easton and Lady Green.
A Tangled Web. Lady Tanith.

Internet Directory: SM Authors, Editors, Contributors

Mistress Blanca and Peter. (Green Way)
Jay Doubleyou. ASFemdom FAQ editor.
Governess Eisanna. (Darkk Hour)
Femina Society. (Ms. C)
Future Sex. Lisa Palac, Ed..
Rob Jellinghaus. ASB FAQ Editor.
Mistress Julie. (Julie Mcdonnell)
Laura Goodwin. SMC Church.
Lady Green. Janet W. Hardy.
Dee-Ann LeBlanc. (FemSupremacy)
Robert J. LeBlanc. (FemSupremcy)
Andreas Mann.
Ms. Margo.
Jack Rinella,
Princess Sheeba.
See Also: Bulletin Board Systems, Internet Newsgroups
Versatile Fashions, Mistress Antoinette.
SandMUtopian Guardian.
Villeinage. Sarah De Palma.
Jay Wiseman.

Internet Newsgroups, Mail Lists, Discussion Groups, IRCs
amazons-l (,
Fetish Network: TFNBBS.COM
gopher to
IRC #Dom/Sub, #bdsm
IRC #femdom, #femsuprem, #femina
Pointer to Sex Info on the Net. Mistress Blanca and Peter.
See Also: Bulletin Board Systems, WWW Pages
Women in Power Forum on Delphi.

Introductory Works, Beginner's Guides FAQ.
How to Make Your Man Behave... Karen Salmansohn.
The Kiss of the Whip. Jim Prezwalski.
Learning the Ropes. Race Bannon.
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns. Philip Miller.
Sensuous Magic. Pat Califia.
The Sexually Dominant Woman. Lady Green.
SM101. Jay Wiseman.

Legal, Censorship, Criminal, Freedom-Privacy Issues

Leatherfolk. Mark Thompson, Editor.
Maid to Order. Anne McClintock.
Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex. Pat Califia.

Marriage, SO, Couples

1,001 Ways To Be Romantic. Gregory Godek.
The Queen of the Grove. Louise Malatesta (Editor).
Venus in Furs. Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch.
Welts. Gloria Wallace.
Ties That Bind. Guy Baldwin.

Music, Songs, Opera

Jaffe, Deborah. Rock/Jazz
Nine Inch Nails. Rock 1993
Once in a Lifetime, Sarah Brightman, _Dive_.
Paul Valery's Semiramis. Opera, 1934.
Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs. Rock Music.

Non-English Language Resources

German: Xur - Germany "HCB: Handbuch des Sadomasochismus"
Japanese Femdom books and magazines
Spanish - Search this document with term "Spanish"

Occult, Wicca, Magick, Darkside Goddess, Kali, New Age
An ABC of Witchcraft. Doreen Valiente.
Crone-l (
The Femina Society. Organization, publications.
Kali! Death of Ego Ritual. (Coyote)
The Satanic Witch. Anton La Vey.
See Also: Religion, Goddess Worship

Organizations, Clubs

[For More Information, Look at FAQ]

Alice Kerr-Southerland Society. The Governess.
Alt.Sex.Femdom FAQ. By Jay Doubleyou.
Amazon Sisterhood Society
The Black Orchid. (305) 437-5176, Ext: 9655.
D&S Society of Baltimore.
The Ebony Goddess Society
The Eulenspiegel Society.
The FDMC Society
Goddess of Domination.
Gynarchy Club
The FEMINA Society. (508) 374-6127.
The Harmony League. England. 081 989 0281.
The Leather Rose Society (Texas).
The National Leather Organization. (206) 789-8990.
Orb and Scepter. (702) 251-7201.
People Exchanging Power. (908) 284-8040.
The Service of Mankind Church
Society of Janus,

Periodicals: Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Zines

Bad Attitude
Behind the Scene
Bitches With Whips
Black Sheets
Blue Blood
Body Play and Modern Primitives Quarterly
Boot Lover's Digest
Boudoir Noir
Brat Attack
Capitualtion - Fantastic Books
CF Publications
Corporal - Fantastic Books
Domina News
Dominant Domain - New Estoeric Press
Dominant Mystique - New Esoteric Press
Dominant View
Domination Directory International
Esencia S/M. (Spanish)
Echoes From the Sanctuary
The Eulenspiegel Society Newsletter: Prometheus
Fantasy Fashion Digest
Female Supremacy
Fetish Times
Fetish World - New Estoeric Press
Future Sex
The Governess
Hair To Stay
In Step
International Discipline Review
Kinky People, Places and Things
LBW (Leather, Bondage & Whips) Magazine
Leather Links
Leg Tease - Fantastic Books
Men Under Control
Our Girls
Outrageous Women
Passion: Our Leather Soul
Piercing Fans International Quarterly
QSM Newsletter
Promethus. The Eulenspiegel Society Newsletter.
Riding Cult
Roses With Thorns
S.A.D.E. (Spanish)
Sandmutopia Guardian
Servant's Quarters
Skin Two
Slippery When Wet
Spank Hard - Stand Corrected
Stand Corrected
subCULTURE - Mistress Clare
Sumissa. (Spanish)
Tacones Altos. (Spanish)
A Taste of Latex
Venus Infers
Wicked Women
Zeitgeist International

Personals, How to Meet a Dominant Woman, Finding a Top

alt.personals.spanking FAQ. Jay Doubleyou.
The Bottoming Book. Dossie Easton. pp. 25-42
Finding Your Dominant Woman. John Warren.
How to Find a Mistress. Uncle Wiggly.
Kinky Computers. John Warren.
The Loving Dominant. John Warren.
Professional Dominance. Mistress Cybelle.
Selecting a Professional Dominatrix. John Warren
SM101. Jay Wiseman. pp. 35-86

Photographic Works, Art Books, Fine Art

Erotic By Nature. David Steinberg.
Femalia. Joani Blank (Editor).
Fetish Girls. Eric Kroll.
Love Bites. Della Grace.
Noires. Richard Laillier.
Revelations. Housk Randall.
Ritual. Magazine.
Rituals of Love. Housk Randall.
See Also: Periodicals, Illustrations
Sexual Art. Michael Rosen.
Sexual Magic. Michael Rosen.
Sexual Portraits. Michael Rosen.
Skin Two. Magazine.
Transformations: Crossdressers. Mariette Allen.
Wheels and Curves.
Wolfgang Eichler, Erotic Photographs.
Yva Richard. Alexander Dupouy.

Professional Dominatrixes, Mistresses, Prostitutes

Being a Prostitute. Perkins and Bennett.
Call Me Mistress. Natalie Rhys.
Confessions and Experiences. Edith Cadivec.
The Correct Sadist. Terence Sellers.
Domina News. Newsletter.
Domination Directory International.
Dungeon Safety for the Professional. Jay Wiseman.
Eros: The Meaning of My Life. Edith Cadivec.
Good Girls/Bad Girls. Laurie Bell.
A Guide to the Correction of Young Gentlemen. AK-S.
The House of Pain. Monique Von Cleef.
LBW (Leather, Bondage & Whips) Magazine
Mistress Clare.
Mistress Leah LaFleur.
My Private Life. Mistress Nan.
Nothing Personal. Donald McRae.
Professional Dominance. Mistress Cybelle.
The Sacred Prostitute. Nancy Qualis-Corbet.
Screwing the System. Anne McClintock.
Selecting a Professional Dominatrix. Mentor Series.
Sexplicitly Yours. Gloria Walker.
Sex Work. Frederique Delacoste.
Tied Up With Love. Jeanette Luther.
Whips and Kisses. Mistress Jacqueline.
Unnatural Acts. Susan Shellogg.
Working Girls. Neil Philip.

Pyschiatry, Psychology

Against Sadomasochism. Robin Linden.
Bonds of Love. Jessica Benjamin.
The Castration of Oedipus. Carla Ferstman.
The Correct Sadist. Terence Sellers.
Coldness and Cruelty. Gilles Deleuze.
Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. Brenda Love.
Erotic Power. Gini Scott.
Erotic Power Play. William Henkin.
The Fantasy Game. Peter Dally.
Frame Analysis. Erving Goffman.
Journey of the Heart. John Welwood.
Of Love and Lust. Theodor Reik.
Love Maps. John Money.
Masochism. Robert A. Glick, Editor. 1988.
Masochism: A Jugian View. Lyn Cowan.
The Myth of Women's Masochism. Paula Caplan. 1985.
The Pleasure Principle. Sigmund Freud.
Sadomasochism. Suzanne Schad-Somers.
S&M: Studies in Sadomasochsim. Thomas Weinberg.
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns. Philip Miller.
A Taste for Pain. Maria Marcus.
Ties That Bind. Guy Baldwin.


Crone-l (
Masochism: A Jugian View. Lyn Cowan.
See Also: Goddess Worship, Occult, Spirituality
Service of Mankind Church.

Roleplaying, Power Exchange Games, SM Games

Different Loving. Gloria Brame.
Doing It For Daddy. Pat Califia (Editor).
Erotic Power Play. Willian Henkin.
Fantascenes. Lady Tanith.
Maid to Order. Anne McClintock.
Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns. Philip Miller.
Sensuous Magic. Pat Califia.
SM101. Jay Wiseman.
Some Women. Laura Antoniou (Editor)
Ties That Bind. Guy Baldwin.
Victor Bruno's Handbook for Slaves. Miss Kay (Editor)

Sensuality, Senses, Erotic Sensuality

A Natural History of the Senses. Diane Ackerman.
Plaisirs d'Amour. Elizabeth Nash.
The Sense of Smell. Roy Bedichek.
Touching. Ashley Montague.

Sexuality, Sexual Relations, Passion, Lust

The Clitoral Kiss. Kenneth Stubbs.
Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. Brenda Love.
Erotic Fantasies. Phyllis Kronhausen.
Femalia. Joni Blank (Editor).
For Yourself. Lonnie Barbach.
Good Vibrations - Books and Videos
Journal of Erotica. Magazine.
New Joy of Sex. Alex Comfort.
Rituals of Love. Housk Randall.
Sex For One. Betty Dodson.
Sexual Dissidence. Jonathan Dollimore.
Sexual Personae. Camille Paglia.
Talk Dirty to Me. Sallie Tisdale.
Women on Top. Nancy Friday.

Sociological, Cultural, Leather Culture, The Scene

Against Nature. Jeffrey Weeks.
The Best of Skin Two. Tim Woodaward, Editor.
The Castration of Oedipus. Carla Ferstman.
Erotic Power. Gini Scott.
Leatherfolk. Mark Thompson, Editor.
Maid to Order. Anne McClintock.
Public Sex: The Culture of Radical Sex. Pat Califia.
Rituals of Love. Ted Polhemus.
Sadism and Masochism. Thomas S. Weinberg
See Also: Periodicals, Clothing, Sexuality
The Social Organization of Sexual Risk. John Alan Lee.
Ties That Bind. Guy Baldwin.
Urban Aboriginals. Geoff Mains.

Spirituality, Goddess Worship, Religion

Circles, Groves and Sanctuaries. Pauline Campanelli.
Goddess. Magazine.
Goddess in Everywoman. Jean S. Bolen.
Gospel of the Goddess. Pamela Suffield.
Kali! Death of Ego Ritual. (Coyote Sings)
Kali, the Feminine Force. Ajit Mookerjec.
Longing for Darkness. Cina Galland.
Masturbating Without Orgasm. Margo Woods.
Mothers and Amazons. Helen Diner.
The Once and Future Goddess. Elenor Gadon.
Return of the Goddess. Elizabeth Cunningham.
See Also: Occult, Fetish, Religion, Goddess Worship
A Woman's Book of Rituals .... Barbara Ardindger.

Top, Mistress, Dominant, Sadist, Superior

The Correct Sadist. Terence Sellers.
The Masters Manual. Jack Rinella.
The Topping Book. Dossie Easton and Lady Green

TV Shows, Series, Specials

The Avengers. Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg. 1965-1968.
Planet Earth. Directed by Marc Daniels. Produced by
Gene Roddenberry.
Send me your suggestions.

Videos - Sources, Producers and Distributors

Executive Imports International.
Fantastic Books.
Good Vibrations.
Leda Productions.
Mistress Sandy.
New Esoteric Press. See "Dominant Mystique"
Pharaoh Publishing: Goddess Series.
Redemption Videos, Ritual World.
Shadow Lane Products. See "Stand Corrected"
See Also: Films,
The X Rated Videotape Guide. Robert Rimmer.

Violence, Sadism, Non-Consensual Violence, Crime

Bad Girls Do It! Michael Newton.
Countess in Red. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.
The Sadeian Woman. Angela Carter.
S&M: The Last Taboo. Caroline Greene.
Sadomasochism in Everyday Life. Lynn Chancer.

Water Sports, Urolangia, Piss-Shit-Enemas, Ass Play

Anal Pleasure and Health. Jack Morin.
Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices. Brenda Love.
Fetish Times. Newspaper.
Leatherman's Handbook II. Larry Townsend
On the Safe Edge. Trevor Jacques.
Toilet Service (Fiction).
Trust: The Hand Book. Bert Herman.
Scatalogic Rites of the World. J.G. Bourke.
Urban Aboriginals. Geoff Mains.

WWW Pages, Web Pages, html documents, hypertext

The Complete Internet Sex Resource Guide
CyberPorn Page
Cybertaza, Deborah Jaffe Home Page
Female Domination Page
FemDom FAQ in html
Fetish, Roleplay and Psychodrama
For You Eyes Only
Goddess Web Page
Hindu Tantrick Home Page
Mink Unique Imagery T Shirt Designs
Mistress Julie
Leather Outreach Project
Laylah Martelli
Jack Rinella
Skin Two
SMC (Service of Mankind Church) Home Page
SM Leather Outreach Project
Society for Human Sexuality, University of Washington
Society of Janus
Urban Desires



Another Greenway Searchware Tool for the NetAge

"The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media: An Annotated Bibliography
and Index." (TDiPaOM), Version 4.3, 1/1/96,
125K, 91 pages (In W.P. 6.1 .wpd format).

Former Title: "The Dominant Female in Print and Media." Prepared by
Mistress Blanca and Peter at, Green Way, c

Why the change in title in Version 3.7 of this work from "The
Dominant Female in Print and Media" to the "Dominatrix in Print and
Other Media?" This annotated bibliography has always stressed the
sexually dominant woman, BDSM activities, Femme Tops, and erotica
or pornography featuring the Leather Culture and the Dominatrix. It
has tried not to exclude nonsexual Female Supremacy and D/s issues
and outlooks, or feminist perspectives; however, these topics are more
than adequately covered in many other excellent resource guides on the
Net and elsewhere. Since the topic of the "Dominant Female" is more
general, and we are posting to, we have chosen a more
restrictive term "Dominatrix" to represent the sexually dominant woman
(nonprofessional and professional) in this BDSM context.

Slightly different versions of TDiPaOM have been posted to the
Internet newsgroup, as follows: 10/1/94, 11/1/94,
12/1/94, 1/1/95, 2/1/95, 3/1/95, 4/1/95, 5/1/95, 6/1/95, 7/15/95, 11/1/95
12/1/95, 1/1/96. TDiPaOM is posted to the Internet newsgroup on the 1st of each month. TdiPaOM was posted to the newsgroup on 11/15/95 and 12/15/95.


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luxury of a pc workstation, and telephone and service provider's fees,
and the time to fit in another hobby, etc.) Anyway, look for the ASCII
file of TdiPaOM for a "free" download at these sites:

a) Try the Society for Human Sexuality (SHS) Electronic Library,

b) Compuserve users might try to find this bibliography in the
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2. SM, Leather and Fetish Community Outreach/, 3. Online SM,
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