to the Last Book of the Bible; “THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS.” The Solving of the 1900
Year Old
Riddle of the Bible; “Who Ever is Intelligent can Figure out the Meaning
the Number of the Beast, Because the Number Stands for a Man's Name.
-- It's Number is 666.” --

The Following Analyses are not to be Considered with Reference to any
Religion. In these Analyses Care should be taken not to Confuse FAITH and
RELIGION. The Analyses of the Relationship of the Writings Described here
these Documents are being Regarded from a Cognitive-Sciences (Spatial
Hemispheric Programming), Neurological and Physics Point of View. The
Analyses of the Prophesy in the Book of Revelations are here made with
Reference to Physics and Approached as a Science Subject.

The Following File is an Excerpt from the Introduction to the
Proposed Book; “The Autobiography of Mr. 666” Book One.

The None-Religious/Science Approach to Prophesies.
It has been arrived at, through the faculties of faith, intelligence, logic
and science, that the autobiography/case history presented in the three
AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666” books, has a compelling natural relationship
the strange visions, or prophesies described in the last book of the Bible,
the Book of Revelations. This is one of the main reasons for the decision
for the presentation of this story. A complete and detailed decoding or
interpretation of the Book of Revelation will not be made in this
description of this relationship. Only selected quotations and only partial
clues to their meaning will be offered. A complete and detailed
interpretation is the subject of the three “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR.

Throughout the last 1900 years or so, innumerable unsuccessful attempts
been made to gain some sensible understanding and explanations for the
strange and violent descriptions in the Revelations. Descriptions which
many individuals appear as ridiculous and nonsensical visions, or
hallucinations. A clue to the visions is offered here. This through the
belief that the first premises for understanding them can only be achieved
with reference to a thorough knowledge of the construction and function
the human brain, the human nerves system and its glands (endocrine system)
and further, an understanding of the ailments that disturb the proper
biological function of these. This is primarily in the wave function of
brain. This being only possible with regard to the now available scientific
knowledge, primarily the advancement of knowledge through the New Physics,
Molecular Biology and Psychobiology of the late 20th century.

Our suggestion is that a science oriented insight/explanation of what the
visions are, and how they are possible, can now be attained through the
discipline of Neuron-physiology, Neurochemistry, Psychobiology, Psychology,
Parapsychology, Psychiatry, Physics in General, Relativity, Cosmology,
Nuclear Physics, Quantum Physics. Disciplines such as Holography,
Philosophy, Philology, Theology, Theosophy are also pertaining to the
understanding of the visions. Further involved in the interpretation are
science oriented spiritual concepts such as “Quantum Reality,”
Dimensional Reality,” and “Holistic Reality.” These basically
concepts, are not quite accepted in the science community, but here they
explained with the term “Transcendental Reality,” which is not
generally accepted as a realistic scientific term. This is due to the fact
that these realities have to do with certain brainstates which are not
commonly attained by man. Brainstates that to many seem to verge on insanity
or functional disorder states. It is our suggestion that both the receiver
and the interpreter of the prophesy of the Revelations, will have to have
access to these realities/brainstates.

This brainstate is based on a spatial hemispheric domination (Non-speech
hemisphere), as it appears when the neocortex is absent of a subconscious
and is void of interfering instinct impulses from the Limbic System, as
as negative biofeedback residue from past life experiences in the positive
side or the IMPLICATE REALITY SIDE (Intron side of the DNA) of the Double
Helix of the genetic structure. This resulting in a wave function that is
whole in the sense that it is in contact with both the positive side
(IMPLICATE/INTRON side of the DNA) and negative sides (EXPLICATE/EXON side
of the DNA) of the Double Helix, and at the same cycle in both hemispheres
and synchronized across the Corpus Callosum. It is in a continued “theta
phase” state. In this the term “Fifth/Sixth Dimensional Observer”
would mean
in ordinary everyday language; “The individual involved is talking
to God.”
In this the contents of consciousness are primarily in the form of
symbolism, but this is not being achievable through mathematics as some
physicists believe.

The prophesy in the Book of Revelations may be described as being;
Metaphysical, Spiritual, Prophetic, Hallucinatory or Divine, which ever
words we choose to describe or label these and which in turn depends on
way of thinking and or believing. Whether they appear as grandiose,
threatening, ave-inspiring, hope-inspiring, angelic, demonic, is depending
on the individual reading these. The magnitude of the words and the visions
being relative to the emphasize on their specific importance.

In our interpretations the Revelations describe events that take place
during the better part of somebody's lifetime; “The Autobiography of
666” book one, with the primary events taking place during a specific
of 42 months or 1260 days or 3 1/2 years; “The Autobiography of MR.
book two. This results in a new heaven and new earth, or in a “new”
individual. Example; “Heaven” = The Brains Spatial Hemisphere
(IMPLICATE/INTRON side of the DNA), “Earth” = The Brains Material
(EXPLICATE/EXON side of the DNA). -- The “The Autobiography of Mr.
books describe the story of an individual who “makes a discovery,”
“receives a divine message,” of a very special type (spatial hemispheric),
of a Grand Unifying Theory, and/or, Theory of Everything in physics, or;
“The Little Scroll.” This is the basic interpretation theme of
- The result of this is; “The Autobiography of Mr. 666” book three,
describes how all hell breaks loose in the life of the particular human
being that makes the discovery of this type of this final GUT/TOE PARADIGM
(In the IMPLICATE REALITY form). For the purpose of this book this human
being is given the name of Apallo, the Aquarian.

The changes that take place in our hero, Apallo the Aquarian and that are
described both in the Revelations and in our book having being triggered
desperate attempts of the individual involved to rid his nerves system of
accumulation of pharmaceutical chemicals, primarily analgesic, and at the
same time, attempts to overcome addiction to alcohol and painkillers. In
this process, without this being the primary part of his intentions, the
Aquarian achieves what is described as a “transcendental state,”
results in an expanded and altered state of consciousness. In some religious
or theological terms, this is referred to with different words or terms,
though essentially they describe the same phenomena. Here are some of the
terms that may be applied, depending on your particular culture, philosophy
or discipline of science: Transcendence, Spiritual Awakening, God
Consciousness, Shamadi, Godhead, Christ Consciousness, Khrisna
Consciousness, Satori, Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Yogi, Atman, Nirvana or
Psychosis. A final understanding of what the real nature of this sort of
phenomena and terms used is still uncertain as far as Man's scientific
disciplines are concerned. Malfunctions of these states of consciousness
the rule and are quite common and do manifest in different forms of
functional psychiatric disorders resulting frequently in what is termed
psychosis. This is here not considered to be the case with John's perception
of these visions described in the Book of Revelations, nor Apallo the
Aquarians visions when he receives; “The Little Scroll.”

A Summary of the Visions of the Book of Revelations, as Interpreted in “THE

The Book of Revelations is here looked upon as a futuristic prophesy of
psychological and spiritual, neurological condition of one human being.
Things which are not known to man, or do not exist at the time of the
prophesy, are being described in metaphorical, altruistic languages.

The prophesy is the story of a man who WILL discover the final equation
physics, the equation that forms the final Grand Unifying Theory/Theory
Everything, the ultimate paradigm of knowledge possible for man. This is
discovery that brings theoretical physics to an END, but not physics. The
method used in this type of modeling will eventually provide simple answers
to all possible questions and observations including the final answers
regarding the construction and function of the human brain. This GUT/TOE
PARADIGM in this “discovery,” is thus a true; “Theory of

The prophesy or the visions in the Revelations may be seen as a the themes
in a symphony, but it does NOT repeat the same story in different ways
through a various series of visions as many analogies would have it. It
is a
continuous order of events with a brief introductory review in the
beginning. The numerical order of the visions in the Revelations present
some confusion which clears with knowledge of the physical reality story
which the visions represent. Based on the forgone, the following general
decoding of the visions suggests that the Book of Revelations be basically
looked upon as a prophesy in THREE PARTS. The three parts are paralleled
with the story in the three THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666 books, but it
should be understood here that there is NO suggestion of the person given
the name Apallo the Aquarian, being considered to be the Christ
reincarnated, or “The Return of the Christ.”

The Interpretation of the Relationship of the Authors Life-experiences,
to the Book of Revelations, Runs as Follows:


This is PART II of the book; “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666” book
ONE and it
corresponds to Chapters 01 to 05 of the “BOOK OF REVELATIONS.”
“INTRODUCTIONS” cover the general introductions to the prophesy.
Chapters 01, 02, 03 suggest; This is the get ready to receive a prophesy!
= These are the peoples amongst which these events will take place! 05 =
This is what the events have to do with; The Final GUT/TOE PARADIGM in


This is PART III and IV of the book; “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666”
book ONE
and it corresponds to Chapters 06 to 08 of the “BOOK OF REVELATIONS.”
first six parts of “THE BREAKING OF THE SEVEN SEALS” covers Chapter
06 =
Series of metaphoric prophetic presentations of the chemical addiction
progression of the life of the individual in the prophesy. 07 = The
individuals seeking of help. 08 = The first part of this chapter describes
the surprise beginning of a spiritual awakening of the individual in the
prophesy, this is; “THE SEVENTH SEAL.” - These are events that
MUST happen to make possible the most important discovery of the prophesy.


This is PART II, III and IV of the book; “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR.
666” book
TWO and it corresponds to Chapters 08 to 14 of the “BOOK OF REVELATIONS.”
The first six parts of “THE BLOWING OF THE SEVEN TRUMPETS” cover
Chapter 08
= In the second part of this chapter the story now continues to deal with
the immediate evolution of the mental life of the changed person. 09 = These
are the events just prior to the discovery. 10 = The actual event of the
discovery, or the receipt of “THE LITTLE SCROLL.” 11 = In the
first part of
this chapter the individual tells of his discovery and a most unfortunate
series of events begins to take place in his life. However, he becomes
convinced that his discovery is valid. This is “THE SEVENTH TRUMPET.”
Chapters 12, 13, 14 = The poor fellow now begins his discovery of who he
and solves the enigma of “THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST.” He then begins
to make
the detailed understanding of his discovery. -- These are seen here as
“REVIEW” chapters in the prophesy.


This is PART II, III, IV of the book; “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666”
THREE and it corresponds to Chapters 15 to 21 of the “BOOK OF REVELATIONS.”
This part covers the “THE SEVEN BOWLS OF GOD'S ANGER.” Chapter
15, 16 = This
is a beginning of all hell breaking loose in the life of our hero of the
prophesy. He now promptly looses his job/profession, his family,
possessions, his credibility, his social status and he becomes sever
problems recovering from his 40 year nicotine addiction. The chapters 17,
and 19 are understood to indicate problematic event in the lives of the
individual in the prophesy and his previous spouse. 20, 21 = These are seen
as events that are not yet fulfilled.


This is PART V of the book; “THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MR. 666” book
THREE and it
corresponds to Chapter 22 which contains some insights into some vital
spiritual changes anticipated in humanity.

The closer examination of what prophesies are and how they are possible
the reason why this particular one is presented in such violent and
grotesque pictures as is the case with the Book of Revelations, this is
being dealt with here. The close connection between poetic language and
prophetic language should, however, be pointed out. This presentation only
being aimed at arousing a new and different kind of interest in a subject
that has puzzled humanity for almost 2000 years. A subject that has inspired
fears and doubts in the minds of men and produced innumerable attempt of
interpretation which have all proven wrong. A subject that has further
brought considerable confusion into the Christian religion and many have
seen it as psychotic hallucinations of a religious maniac, St. John, its
receiver. These suggestions are refuted here.

Finally. The intensity of prophetic/poetic language in the Revelations is
here believed to be related to the importance, size or scope of the message,
conveyed. This message being the main theme of the prophesy. The magnitude
in the wording is further considered to be relative to the spatial
hemispheric thought processes of the individual involved. The importance
the prophesy to be only relative to the subject of the discovery the
individual in the prophesy makes, not the individual himself. This again
being relative until the individual has been heard or has delivered the

Some Details on the Interpretations of the Book of Revelations and the
Connections to;
“The Autobiography of Mr. 666”

It is here that the book;
book ONE begins.


The Bible used for quotations from the New Testament's Book of Revelations
is the American Bible Society's; Good News New Testament in Today's English
Version, Fourth Edition.

General introduction to the prophesy. This is a sort of; The time will come
that it will happen and when it happens it will be really great. This is
seen as a “message” to the seven religions of man. The “ruling
of men with
an iron rod” are teachings made with the aid of a telescopic pointing

An introduction pointing to the nation where the events will take place.
Here the key is in the four living creatures which symbol the code of arms
of the nation. Here it can be said that the subject is; Amongst these people
it will happen! This is discussed/explained in the previous 666 book
introductory essay 05.

Here the main subject of the prophesy is described in advance, in symbolic
language. The scroll with the seven seals represents the evolution that
take place before the discovery of the equation (QREST FIELD VENN DIAGRAM),
which is the main contents of the prophesy. This is then actually handled
chapter 10, the equation being “The Little Scroll,” which is sweet
in mouth
but sour in stomach. Could be described as; This is what all the fuss is
really about! This was discussed/explained in the previous 666 books
introductory essay under 05.


This chapter deals with the psychological and spiritual evolution of the
individual involved, from the 13th until 47th year of life. At first this
a description of the development of his chemical addiction and changes that
take place in his psychological and spiritual make-up. This is represented
by the first four seals and bear a very strong resemblance to the four
stages of Dr. M. Jellinec's description of the development of chemical
addictions, after his investigation of 2200 recovering chemically addicted
persons, from 1946 till 1950. Next, in the fifth and the sixth seals, the
two stages of his collapse is described. This is generally known as hitting
bottom. His “End of TIME,” the end of his alcohol reality.

The following are detailed explanations to chapters 06, 07, 08.

The first seal, 06-02.
“I looked, and there was a white horse. Its rider held a bow, and he
given a crown. He rode out as a conqueror to conquer.”
The first four ruptures of the seals, dealing with the four metaphorical
horses, denoting the changes which take place in the personality of someone
evolving through the four stages of chemical addictions. In our story this
is the Apallo the Aquarian whose character and emotional moods change as
progresses in his chemical addiction. The changes, whose nature is
represented by appropriately colored horses and their riders, describe the
effects of the alcohol on the psychological and spiritual make-up of the
individual involved. This seal pertaining to his early teens, when he begins
to use alcohol. The alcohol seemed to agree with him and does indeed make
him feel self assured or like a conqueror. Here the one crown denotes the
one-sided personality produced by the alcohol. This takes place from the
13th till 22nd year.

The second seal, 06-04.
“Another horse came out, a red one. Its rider was given the power to
war on the earth, so that men should kill each other. He was given a large
This denotes the alterations in our hero's character into tendency to become
more and more resentful, angry and aggressive. This therefore represented
the color red. These effects are due to continued and increased use of
alcohol, causing further instability in his emotional life and act in this
manner to change the psychological and spiritual make-up of the individual
involved. This period covers the latter part of his teens, or from the age
of 22 and until about his thirtieth year of living.

The third seal, 06-05,06.
“Next there was a black horse. Its rider held a pair of scales in his
(066) I heard a voice saying; A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three
quarts of barley for a day's wages. But do not damage the olive trees and
the vineyards!”
This seal denotes the fact that the individual has now acquired a strong
physical addiction to the alcohol, in addition to his psychological
addiction. He now becomes a daily drinker, drinking on all possible
occasions. The alterations of personality that take place are best
associated with the color black which represents the classical depressive
disposition of the chemically addicted. The scales of judgment now
represents the remorse of the chemically addicted and the effects his
drinking is having on his conscience. Food takes the second place to the
alcohol which is portrayed by; “quart of wheat (food) for a day's wages,
three quarts of barley (John Barleycorn) for a day's wages.” Fortunately
there are no serious damage to the Dèjà vu = olive trees and
the Jamais vu =
vineyards centers of the brain. Damages to these areas would mean the
inability of the individual to recover from his chemical addiction. This
condition of the addiction remains fairly steady and lasts for about fifteen
years or from about 30 to about 45, with the last five years becoming even
shadier in growing use of painkillers.

The fourth seal, 06-08.
“The last was a pale-colored horse. Its rider was named Death, and
(Hell) followed close behind. They were given authority over one fourth
the earth, to kill by means of war, famine, disease and wild animals.”
This is indeed a very fitting description of the last two years of the
deterioration of the chemically addicted individual involved. His
consumption of alcohol is accompanied by a heavy and increasing use of
painkillers and other medication, this without any regard to mixing alcohol
with the medication. The last six months the individual can hardly drink
alcohol without becoming drowsy after a couple of drinks, then trying to
sleep without being able to. There is only one proper color description
the condition of the person, this is through the color pale. The given
authority “over one fourth of the earth” denotes the fact that
the addiction
dominates now fully the conscious half of the brain or the left hemisphere
which is portrayed by “earth.” This is caused by dead glion neurons
the left temporal lope and the hypothalamus. Conflicts, undernourishment
sicknesses (primarily severe osteoporosis) with bestial behavior are the
hallmarks of the last part of the drinking life of the chemically addicted
person in the prophesy. His state is such that death may come at any time
and he certainly feels as though all Hell is closing on him. This lasts

The fifth seal, 06-09.
“I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been killed
they had proclaimed God's word and had been faithful in their witnessing.
(0610) They shouted in a loud voice; Almighty Lord, holy and true! How long
will it be until you judge the people on earth and punish them for killing
us? (0611) Each of them was given a white robe, and they were told to rest
little while longer, until the complete number of their fellow servants
brothers were killed, as they had been.”
There are no more horses to go with the rupture of the seals, the
progression of the chemical addiction has now run its full course. The game
is up. It is now either surrender or insanity and death. Those that “had
been killed” denotes neurons of the Jamais vu centers in the right
hemisphere and means their inactivity in the brains functions. This equals
their death. Later when they become reactivated, this is spoken of as “the
first and the second rising from the dead.” The whole denotes conflict
between the left and right hemispheres. The peoples of the earth is the
hemisphere and “judgement” is denoting its collapse when the “Jamais
centers stop functioning. Many chemically addicted persons ask at the end
“How much longer has this got to go on?” The wait for the rest
of the
“dying” denotes the wait for the deactivation of all the neurons
in the
Jamais vu centers of the brain, and the dysfunction of the Dèjà
vu centers
for the most part. This may then produce a surrender of the chemically
addicted person which is his only hope for recovery.

The sixth seal, 06-12.
“And I saw the Lamb break open the sixth seal. There was a violent
earthquake, and the sun became black like coarse black cloth, and the moon
turned completely red like blood. (0613) The stars fell down to earth...
(0614) The sky disappeared like a scroll being rolled up... -- (0615) Then
the kings of the earth, the rulers and the military chiefs, the rich and
powerful, and all other men, slave and free, hid themselves... They called
out... The terrible day of their anger is here, and who can stand up against
This 1900 year old poetic description of the psychological and spiritual
state of the human psyche, hitting bottom in chemical addiction can be
understood even better through knowledge of the brain and the state it gets
into on such occasions. -- Here the “violent earthquake” is well
known among
drinkers. Chemically addicted persons often call this the shakes. The
blackening of the sun denotes the total dysfunction of the Jamais vu centers
and the red moon a serious dysfunction of the Dèjà vu centers.
production of Endorphins is almost none and the brains spatial hemisphere,
the right one, stops working. It may receive sensory input-signals of any
sort but is does not process them. This is the “Falling of the stars”
the “Rolling up of the heavens.” The international service center
of the
“Amateur Angels Fellowship” has even gone so far as to produced
a pamphlet
informing of the discovery of this fact. The shaky ranks (kings etc.) are
the personality “Traits of the Superego,” which now “tremble”
with fears and
insecurity. It is indeed a beautifully poetic and fitting description of
such experience but unfortunately/fortunately it can only be fully
understood by those who have gone through it themselves. This requires the
individual to be a chemically addicted person in most cases but not all
in many cases this condition leads to men putting the barrel of the revolver
in their mouths and then pull the trigger or to use other common means of
destroying themselves. The individual here involved, now surrenders and
seeks the help of fellow countrymen who he knows to be in the fellowship
the Amateur Angels, but they in turn send him for detoxification and
rehabilitation back to their native country.

Chapter 07-02,03,04: FIRST PART: “THE 144.000 PEOPLE OF ISRAEL.”
“And I saw another angel coming up from the east with the seal of the
God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels to whom God had given
the power to damage the earth, the sea. The angel said, 'Do not harm the
earth, the sea, or the trees, until we mark the servants of our God with
seal on their foreheads.' And I was told that the number of those who were
marked with God's seal on their forehead was 144,000.”
This chapter handles the return of the chemically addicted individual from
Europe to his native country, -- Atlantiz in our story, - -whose inhabitants
are symbolized by the number 144,000. This being its population in 1950,
year of his confirmation. When he became a fully grown man. There he goes
through detoxification and rehabilitation therapy.

Chapter 70-09,10,13,14,15,16,17. SECOND HALF; “THE ENORMOUS CROWD.”
“After this I looked, and there was an enormous crowd -- no one could
all the people! They were from every race, tribe, nation, and language,
they stood in front of the throne and of the Lamb, dressed in white robes
and holding palm branches in their hands.... “These are the people
who have
come safely through the terrible persecution. They have washed their robes
and made them white with the blood of the Lamb. That is why they stand
before God's throne and serve him day and night in his temple... Never again
will they hunger or thirst; neither sun nor any scorching heat will burn
them, because the Lamb, who is in the center of the throne, will be their
shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of life giving water. And God
will wipe away every tear from their eyes.”
Upon completion of his rehabilitation, the individual involved is introduced
to the fellowship of the “Enorous Crowd,” which in our story is
given the
name of the; “Fellowship of the Amateur Angels,” of which a beautiful
fitting description is included in the prophesy. The individual now makes
every effort to attend the meetings of this fellowship and to follow the
instructions that are recommend by the experience acquired by its' members.

Chapter 08-01,02,03,04,05: FIRST PART; “THE SEVENTH SEAL.”
“When the Lamb broke open the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven
about half an hour. Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and
they were given seven trumpets. - Another angle, who had a gold incense
container, came and stood at the altar. He was given a lot of incense to
to the prayers of all God's people and to offer it on the gold altar that
stands before the throne. The smoke of the burning incense went up with
prayers of God's people from the hands of the angle standing before God.
Then the angle took the incense container, filled it with fire from the
altar, and threw it on the earth. There were rumblings and peals of thunder,
flashes of lightning and an earthquake. Then the seven angels with the seven
trumpets prepared to blow them.”
Here the prophesy returns to the seals and here the Aquarian breaks the
seventh and last seal. This is manifested in his gaining a sudden and strong
beginning of a spiritual awakening, during prayers and meditation. In this
he is following for the first time the guidelines of the “Seventh Step”
the “SPIRITUAL PROGRAM” of the Amateur Angels. This is neurologically
believed to take place through the reawakening of the neurons in his “Jamais
vu” centers and in turn gives him a spiritual experience. This is believed
to have come about through his succeeds in calming the spatial hemisphere
completely for about a half an hour; “there was silence in heaven for
a bout
half an hour.” Out of this he goes through an; Out of the Body Experience
(OBE). Initially this scares him, but the feeling of well being experienced
afterwards in turn leads to his becoming more serious about his meditational
practices. However, it was to be months before the Aquarian acquired
insights into what happened to him at the time. The further evolution of
this is the beginning of profound spatial hemispheric self-activated
corrective alteration in his character and his psychological make-up, as
well as his spiritual condition. This is accomplished through a quantum
bio-feedback in the brain and this in turn produces rapid recovery from
chemical addictions and is further marked by increase in intelligence and
insights which will be portrayed by angels blowing their trumpets. -- A
totally new person with changed reactions to life. --

This ends the detailed descriptions.

It is here that the book;
book ONE ends.

It is here that the book;
book TWO begins.


The processes that now begins to take place in the brain of the Aquarian
a gradual natural “quantum memory bio-feedback.” He is aware that
good is happening, but does not understand it. This process and the insights
gained during this phase of his recovery, are represented by the angels
blowing the four trumpets. This involves initially a primarily simplistic
understanding the construction and function of the human brain.

The individual in the prophesy, who is a pilot by profession, makes a trip
to San Francisco and while on a crew lay-over there, comes across some
material that take his thought process into some extraordinary channels.
This the prophesy describes (shortened); “An angle flying high in the
says; Horror, horror from the last three trumpets that are to come.”
It is
during this time that the “quantum bio-feedback” in his brain
considerably and he begins to suspect that he will soon be going into
withdrawals from the combined abuse of alcohol and painkillers. These events
are represented by the fifth and the sixth trumpets.

The trumpets stop to make room for the focal point of the prophesy, the
description of the main event. This is where the individual, -- while in
hotel room in Fairbanks, Alaska, -- through a transcendental spiritual
experience, receives/discovers “The Little Scroll,” the final
equation/paradigm of physics. The event takes place, 50 year to the date,
after the founder of the solution to chemical addictions had his initiating
spiritual experience in the night between the 11th and the 12th of December
1934. The insight which the individual gains have to do with the very
earliest initial condition of the Universe during the GUT ERA of the Big
Bang event. It contains what might be the Universe's First Law, in a form
which permits the scrutinizing of reality of the minuscule particles of
matter, as well as the consciousness of Man.

This chapter tells how the Aquarian, who at this time starts to go through
the final withdrawals from the painkillers, decides to go to see two
Chemical Addiction Counselors in Florida. He tells them of his Alaskan
experience. Their reaction is to suggest that he be in the state of
“manic-psychosis.” This the Aquarian rejects and maintains that
he is going
through withdrawals from painkillers and quantum bio-feedback in his brain.
The visit with the CACs eventually becomes detrimental to our subjects
existence, this through a psychiatrist erroneous medical report. Eventually
this leads to him loosing his job, family and every material possession
(horrors, horrors). Through the negative publicity he gains from this he
further looses permanently the access to his profession and eventually
absolutely everything. He does however not lose his head, sobriety, courage.

The seventh trumpet is representative of the event when the individual finds
evidence that the “equation, The Little Scroll,” he has received/found,
not a delusion of his mind but can withstand his attempts, to himself, to
show it to be wrong. He now becomes convinced that he really has got the
equation and that he is sane. Later he undertakes to go through 18 day
psychological, psychiatric investigation that includes electromechanical
neurological tests. -- Eventually the investigation shows him sane and to
an extraordinarily intelligent individual with a completely even
distribution of mental abilities. No neurological defects are found. At
same time the psychiatrist who wrote the original report, withdraws its
provisional diagnosis in favor of a diagnosis of; “withdrawal symptoms.”
This he does without being asked by the Aquarian.

The Aquarian begins to suspect that something is drastically different about
him. He begins to make an investigation into to metaphysical, spiritual
of his existence, with a particular interest in the analyses of his past.
a part of this he consults his mother, but the outcome of this is a
severance of their relationship for about 3 and a half years (1260 days).

This is the description of the addiction malfunction in the brain of the
Aquarian. He succeeds in solving the riddle of this chapter through the
insights into the basic programs and function of the human brain, gained
the GUT/TOE PARADIGM/LITTLE SCROLL from his Alaskan experience. The ultimate
shock is his discovery of the possibility that he is the man whose initials
may be represented by the number 666.

The Aquarian becomes illegally and abusively dismissed from his employment
and though he has to deal with serious social and economic problems, his
fellow countrymen support him. He goes through his psychiatric testing and
his friends make it further possible for him to start legal proceedings
against this former employer. His friends further make it possible for him
to begin his studies in order to gain a detailed understanding of the
contents of his transcendental experience.

It is here that the book;
book TWO ends.

It is here that the book;
book THREE begins.


The sum total of these events are the “horror years” of the Aquarian
and his
former wife. This is the “The Seven Bowls of God's Anger.” --
This is not
being described at this time.

This ends this brief description of the Contents of the;

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