"You don't have to be an angel to be a saint." Albert Schweitzer

the primary burden of responsibility and control. She is his equal or in most instances his superior with respect to any aspect of the reproductive function. It is not that the Female gender must acquire superiority via association with other attributes, but rather that Femaleness is an attribute in itself superior to the attribute to maleness. Woman is the primary gender, and males the secondary gender with respect to the function of reproduction. This is not a minor point, since the reproductive function is the most vital and important function, and in that central position shapes all other secondary functions. Woman's gender superiority shapes all of human reality and experience. Having grasp the foregoing, my feelings about submission, Female superiority, Female domination, etc. make a whole lot more sense. These are not the stuff of aberration, but rather the surfacing of a deep perhaps hardwired understanding of the human biological reality, and the roles of Women and men.

woman he turns to to "worship"...she made no promise to any wife...is she off the hook? Unless the man has decieved her too, she's guilty of ethically questionable behavior, but the man carries the by far largest responsibility. In this situation he's responsible for actively seeking out another woman. You know what? If I walked in on my slave giving some other woman an unauthorized foot massage, he'd be whipped. I think a good whipping is more appropriate in a case like that. Depending on who it is, I might More appropriate than what?
You are assuming that submissive men seek a relationship outside of their marriage for sex. A true submissive serves his Mistress for the joy of serving Her. Anything he receives is either a gift Her; or She feels so concerned about him that any corrective measures are given out to help him become a better person. Yeah, well, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, either. Laura Goodwin What about submissive men who seek out a pro domina who states that no sex will be involved? They didn't fall off a turnip truck, either. As far as femdom as a means to female supremacy. Any domination should have as its end result, mental and emotional domination. not phyisical. The phyisical part leads to the mental and emotional . This occurs when the male orgasm has been completely feminized. As it stands now the male erection and the orgasm it produces are nothing more than blatant aggression. It fills the male mind with ideas of power and control. This must be reversed. A means of doing this is to reverse the conditions under which the male is brought to orgasm. instead of man on top, man on bottom instead of man in control, man tied up and under control. instead of man orgasming when he wants to, man orgasming when female allows him to if she allows him to at all. eventually she does not allow him to at all and he accepts this as the normal nor "forced" masturbation, no occasion at all for the sub's sexual relief, BDSM is still *supposed to be* an intense sensual and psychosexual adventure. As a matter of fact, Pro doms *are* trafficing in orgasms, as well as sexual fantasy enactments, and anyone who thinks otherwise is So, I am naive ?? only about how to get the two dots over the i Here's how it works Gal runs an ad that says Ms. Domina Payne BDSM fantasy no sex no straight. In/Out. Guy calls and says "Hey Ms. Payne, is it true there is no sex involved? " She says yes, because how does she know the guy is no cop? Guy comes anyway, sincerely expecting no sex. If something about him seems fishy, he won't get any. If she trusts him, or is so desperate to build her business that she's reckless, or has Mafia protection, he get a vibrator applied to his balls within minutes.

In keeping with the theme of this packet, this section includes resources that examine violence against women, the new menUs movement, feminist perspectives on nonviolence, and sexism on campus. We compiled these resources our own library as well as the libraries of feminist groups across the country. We were pleased to discover that the women's peace movement has generated such a large and thoughtful body of literature for us to draw . We have attempted to include resources that offer innovative insights and concrete suggestions for action. There is often an assumption that men in the peace movement are somehow different other men and therefore exempt oppressive behavior and sexism. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many female activists have encountered problems with male dominance. The nonviolent philosophies that guide many groups can be considered sexist because they fail to treat womenUs ⁄or grovelling, and wearing his fetish stuff. Isn't this "sex"? Laura Goodwin { I read both Dee Ann's and Laura's responses to Bedell's long letter. You two made some great comments. But I suspect they fell on deaf ears or should it be blind eyes be? . Just dump him. It's a big world. He can find other people to pester.

I found this mailing list by looking up feminist on Netscape. If this isn't a feminist mailing list, why is under feminist? David, Your assumption that people on this list are doing nothing other than sitting on their butts in front of a computer screen is offensive. For all we know, you are doing nothing more. In recent posts, Laura has described what she is doing to further Female Supremacism and to defend sexual and social freedom so that the climate is less hostile toward FS ideas. Dee Ann is clearly putting in a lot of time moderating this list more than usual lately, it would appear . Others on this list have talked about what they are doing and have offered suggestions for others. I myself have been active in my local pansexual BDSM group the Black Rose in Washington, DC since its inception nearly years ago and have made assisted in social/educational FemDom activities as time has permitted. To answer your question, this list might be considered feminist because FS mail to femsupremacy request {renaissoft with the "help". We seem to have a couple of guys posting to this list who absolutely, positively do not get it. I believe that the energy we waste trying to tug them into shape could be channelled more productively. I don't want to be defending my life and worldview on this list, and if you really think about it, neither do you. Now I'm afraid I must insist that those who would like this list to return to being the femsupremacy list say so now. If I am the one who is wrong and should shut up, tell me now, so I can unsubscribe and get friends, and an international reputation. Although we get mail and visitors all over, our aim will always be to remain a comfortable, private club for local leatherfolk of all persuasions. WHAT TO EXPECT We meet in each other's homes on Saturday evening every two weeks, for circle discussion and fellowship. We share information and ideas, and occasionally demonstrate useful techniques. You'll get exposed to a wealth of viewpoints, and will no doubt meet a number of people with whom you "click". Whether you are "Top" or "bottom" or both you will be respected here, and we ask that you treat other members with gentle courtesy. With everyone's cooperation we can keep our meetings a pleasant place to learn, and make friends. Periodically you get invited to a party, which is a good chance to dress up in your favorite fetish gear and play. Monitors ensure safety and psychic comfort for all. There is no membership fee. Parties are non commercial social affairs , put to with their opinion of natural science in general? Personally, I often feel disappointment, when I listen to the economists of today. They can all point to the problems, but as far as I have seen and read, noone has offered a solution I find acceptable. TH liberte! egalite! fraternite! I can agree with two thirds of this motto, but I find the last third questionable. There seems to be somewhat of a brotherhood among the elite of the world today. Among the men, who control the multinational corporations and the officials of legislative and executive institutions. Right now it seems we're going the wrong way very fast with increasing inequality, which ultimately threatens the stability of societys. I think it's time someone else got a chance to try to do better. Magnus "Ain't no gangstas livin' in paradise." Coolio

the simple REPLY NOW option on your . Would be interested to know if this kind of communication goes to everyone who is subscribed or just to you. Should u wish to contact me direct, the ID would be internet . {compuserve Best wishes in your search for information. Abie Mark, It would appear that I have found answer to my own question, re communication.

him for doing as you wish, and punishing when he disappoints you. Use his fetishes as your tools...it's the language of his own body's cravings, and he'll pay attention on a deep level. Never need this process become a warlike stuggle for a soul. In my marriage our souls are both free, and united in a common task to build and enjoy a perfect erotic harmony in accordance with our shared dream. Laura Goodwin that friendly Hartford CT lady If our right to go to hell in our own way is attacked, so is our right to go to heaven in our own way. "The Bill Of Rights Is Past Due!" End Forwarded Laura Goodwin "The wealth of the soul is the only true wealth"

common sense but rare qualities mutual respect, loyalty, trust, honesty perhaps above all others , kindness, gentleness, responsibility, acceptance, a willingness to listen, an open mind, a cooperative as opposed to competitive spirit in other words all those things that males have demanded of women the last years or so. The women I follow whether in business or public life, or privately, or spiritually all expect a reverence for nature or usually an active commitment to preserving it , an openness to awe or a spritual path in any or several forms , erotic submissiveness or even post phallic behavior without scripts or manipulation , love and care of children, the elderly and animals, and a sense of humor . I can't speak for others, but it works for me.

I would also love to see a copy of this. I am writing a book the is along these lines and I want to do as much research as I can before I really get into the meat of the book. I can do that. Just tell me if you are running a PC and want it ZIPped or a Mac and prefer it Stuffed. If a Mac, you can also have it in its original form, as a HyperCard stack or a HC stand alone app, graphics and navigation buttons and all much nicer, in fact! Drop me a line and tell me which. I'd like to see a copy of that, too, if it wouldn't be too much bother. Mac format preferred, HyperCard ideal, StuffIt archives almost a must. Thanks!

business world of dollars and sense. My sexual needs seemed to be different that most women. My hatred of capitalism had kept me being able to compete. For me, the cultural factors involved with mate selection were not material. The spiritual symbol that our union would represent is more than a biological union because I need to have metaphysical consequences happen our sexuality, that our holy union is helping created a neu global culture through the joint efforts of our labor. The reality is that I can't find a way to connect with a man in such a lofty, herstoric, and divine sense. Goddess knows that I had tried! I thought that if I had been inflicted with not being able to contribute to the biological evolution of our species, be what my purpose is to contribute to cultural evolution. But I seemed to be failing miserably on that level as well. I had tried with my ex husband to create the lovolution, but he never really was into it even though he invented the