I prefer to make the challange public....I will thou answer questions by

I will hold off on the conjurations at this point...but I will post this
spell to give you an ideas :-

" Torvatus of Discord :-
This Spell has been used by many priests of the arts of the black
earth to destroy countries ( or meaning also tribes..tra. ). For it can turn
armies against themselves , mothers against their children. These are but
few of its vast horrors and unspeakable terror, for it has been used to have
a lover kill his bride on their day. It has caused a king to slay the
population of an entire town , children included because of them has
refussed a man of the dark arts his son. I can't say no more but behold for
the earth shall open and the sky shall be torn with hatred of the Ancient
Ones on the victim. Here is the curse may it slay back he who uses it to
hurt in vanity :-
Construct a tablet of clay or wax , on the tablet should be the pictures
of those whom the priest desire to execute. These images shall be opposing
each other with sword in each others backs and spears ready to strike. On
the back of the clay thou shall scribe the name of the evil Torvatus with
his word of power . ( Included Earlier in the Doc. )
Find thy self a pit of deep sand or stale water a swamp or a dead
vally that no soul can endure. Through the tablet in to it , turn thy back
immediately for thou not too is to pray for instant death. With thy back
turned chant the following :

Gelal conjure it! Gelal Strike!
Lilit conjure it! Lilit Strike!
Lalartu conjure it! Lalartu Strike!
Humwawa conjure it! Humwawa Strike!
Pazuzu conjure it! Pazuzu strike!
Torvatus conjure it! Torvatus strike!

Repeat until thou shall smell the scent of the dead , then run for thy life
and don't stop until reaching thy temple. "

The documents never mentioned Kutulu but did mention the city Kut in
passing. The name of Azag-Thoth also never occured. Its appears to have been
a manual for priests of Ur. For a small cult that orshipped Marduk with
their own sub diety by the name of Trn. Most of the spells except for few
are of positive nature. The conjurations for Trn are of bizzare nature ,
written in the same language but could not be translated at all! So , I am
still left wandering. My challange remain open.....