Japanese Rope Bondage

The absolute, definitive work on rope and knot tying is "The Ashley Book of
Knots". It's more sailing oriented, and a bit daunting, but there's a ton of
stuff to be learned from it. It is a monster book, but it has interesting
things about how to splice rope, and how to weave rope Cat o' nine tails.

"The Klutz book of Knots" is extremely basic. If you can't learn everything
it has to teach in an evening, you're hopeless.

You may want to check out the Boy Scout section in the Sears nearby. The Boy
Scout Fieldbook, and the Pioneering merit badge pamphlet have lots of useful

None of these, however, has any information on Japanese style rope harnesses.

Still, they are a foundation for being able to use rope effectively.

Before you start, some safety rules:

Be careful winding tightly around a limb, the effect magnifies as you wind.
What's firm for a few turns will become far too tight in a few more.

Rope is expendible. You paid what, $1.25 for the clothesline? How much is
your SO worth? Rope is much easier to replace. If you need to get her
unwrapped fast, get the bandage scissors and cut!

Have a pair of bandage scissors. The big ones.

For a Japanese style harness, start with a 35-50 foot peice of rope. The
short side of the range is fine, and easier to work with.

Find the middle. Tie an overhand knot with the bight so you have a loop big
enough to fit your SO's head through. Take it off and tie several more
overhand knots, taking into consideration that when you take the ropes from
the back and pull open the diamonds that it will take up slack and the space
between the knots. Generally, you would have a knot between the breasts,
above and below the navel, and maybe just above the vagina.

Fit the loop over her head, take the rest of the rope between her legs and
allowing for the slack you're going to be taking up out of the front, make
one more overhand knot that will be over the small of her back. Divide the
ends and run one around each side, between the ropes, between the two knots
at her navel, and back. Tie them together and to the knot at the small of
her back. Go up a little and do the same thing between the next pair of knots
in the front.

Tie one more overhand that ends up between her shoulderblades, and then wrap
each end completely around her chest above her breasts. Tie the ends off in
the back.

Take a second peice of rope. Have her hold her hands behind her back and up
in the position you're going to bind them in. If you left her arms by her
sides when you wrapped, you'd find that she'd be unable to get her hands
behind her back. Wrap several courses of rope around her chest and upper
arms. If you like, run the ends around the courses between her body and
arms, cinching them, but be aware of the pressure point under her arm, you
don't want to cut off her circulation. With what's left of the rope, tie her
wrists up to the courses of rope.

For as long as you have her tied this way, continuously check her hands for
any signs of getting cold or turning blue. If they do, loosen or remove her
bonds right away.

As you get practice, you can improvise and develop your own variations.

Have fun and play safe.