Who was Rosie?

"Rosie," an on-line personality also known as an36376, posted to the USENET
news group alt.sex.bondage (ASB) from approximately 1993 to 1995. She was
one of the first submissives in a longterm absolute-power relationship to
speak up agressively and persistently about her life of slavery with her
master, Donald, and her love of helplessness and lack of control. Rosie's
messages met with mixed reactions on ASB. Some loved her witty way with
words and her ability to describe things that they also thought and felt;
others disliked her aggressive "take no flak from no one" style: they did
not think it becoming for a submissive to speak in such a direct and strong
way, especially to dominants. Whether they liked her or disliked her, most
people reading ASB at that time will admit that she changed the tone of the
news group: she helped readers to see absolute power exchange as less of a
dirty word and more of a serious alternative to the kinky-swinging,
playparty world.

Why collect her messages here?

Rosie was an exceptional writer. Her ability to communicate serious personal
experiences and emotions about sadomasochism in an entertaining, witty
manner was matchless. Many of the things she was saying four years ago are
quite relevant to submissives and dominants attempting to make power
relationships work today.

What ever became of Rosie?

Rosie no longer posts to alt.sex.bondage, and there are some good reasons
for that. As time went on, reactions to her in the news group became
increasingly hostile. Rosie wrote messages that were challenging, difficult,
that asked hard questions. Many people became defensive. Many more people
felt threatened by her insistent message that extreme power exchange is not
only OK but is an essential and necessary life choice for some people.
Posting to an increasingly hostile news group is hard, it wears down the
best of us, and Rosie eventually gave it up and went on to greener pastures.
While we don't exactly know what happened to Rosie, we've heard rumors that
she became one hell of a Web-page designer.

The Archives

With Rosie's permission, we have collected some of her best messages and
reproduced them here. Each message begins with the original title of the
message thread and the approximate date upon which it was posted. Very
little editing was done, as we wanted to retain the original flavor of the
pieces, typos and all (although, in a few cases, where an irrelevant
paragraph or two were snipped, this is indicated with elipses [...]).
However, in the change from ASCII text to HTML code, we did notice that most
of her angled-bracketed "smiles" and "grins" disappeared. As you read these
pieces, try to imagine her laughing and chuckling at herself. We're sure
that's how she'd like you to rememeber her.

Rosie wrote a lot of messages. Sorting through them takes time. We'll add
messages to this archive as quickly as we can. When new material is added,
we'll change the date, below.


Table of Contents

Last Updated November 22, 1996

1. Sexual and Non-Sexual Dominantion
2. Ponygirl Fantasies and Realities
3. Longterm Relationships and Trust
4. The Observer Effect: How Some People Become Kinky
5. The Story of Rosie's Relationship
6. Is D&S Sex or Not?
7. The Joys of Anal Toys
8. Rosie on Aging
9. More on Aging
10. The Joys of Bad S&M Porn
11. Some Advantages of Long-Term D&S Relationships
12. Jealousy of Other Submissives
13. Rosie's First Humiliation Experience
14. A Defense of Ageplay Fantasies
15. Humiliation: In Embarrassing Detail
16. The Beauty Books: What's Real in Them?
17. Donald's Porn Collection: A Rosie Exclusive
18. How to Push Limits
19. Caning Techniques
20. Exhibitionism Versus Humiliation
21. Consensual Nonconsensuality Explored
22. Can Long-Term Submissives Still Make Decisions?
23. Looks and Eternal Love
24. Advantages and Drawbacks of an Ownership Relationship
25. Wraparounds and Bouncearounds
26. Rosie Tells It All
27. The Air of Command
28. How Doms Understand Subs...and Vice-Versa
29. When Intense Experiences Don't Work Out
30. Rosie Tells It All: Part 2
31. Fat: The Final Definition
32. Begging and Bastinados
33. Abuse Flashbacks During S&M
34. Cyber-Harassment of Submissive Women
35. Ice is (Not) Nice
36. More on Abuse Flashbacks During S&M
37. Doing What You're Told Even When You Hate It
38. The Importance of Sadmasochism in a Relationship
39. The Alienating Aspects of Public Play
40. Talent Versus Submission
41. Pickle Grabbers! Ooooh! Scary!
42. Danger Words
43. Rosie Does Doggerel (and you thought your poetry was bad!)
44. Sara Adamson's The Slave: Initial Thoughts
45. Sara Adamson's The Slave: In-Depth Analysis, Part 1
46. Sara Adamson's The Slave: In-Depth Analysis, Part 2
47. Finding Other Perverts
48. Safe Words and Control
49. The Nature of Absolute Power Exchange
50. Safe Words Again
51. The Importance of an Intelligent Dominant
52. Legally Recognized Power Exchange
53. The Importance of an Intelligent Dominant - Second Installment
54. Speaking Out in Subspace
55. Rosie Contemplates Her Future
56. Cooperation versus Competition in D&S Relationships
57. Rivers Running Backward and Other Reversals of Nature
58. Submissive Quantity Versus Submissive Quality
59. Why the Earth Circles the Sun (Rivers Running Backward Continuation)
60. What Dickens Can Teach Submissives

COMING SOON: Rosie on: The Essence of Powerlessness: Being Unable to Escape;
Is Rosie Brainwashed?; Power-Exchange as Re-enacting the 50s--NOT; D&S is
Sexual, Goddammit!; and much more.



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