An Expanded List Of Movies With S&M Scenes

Version 1.0 --- April 1994

Extracted from the "HCB Handbuch fuer Sadomasochisten, 6. Auflage" (Germany)
with permission as implied in verbreit.txt. Electronic reproduction for
non-profit uses is permitted as long as file is kept whole and unchanged.

Though not stated in the German source, this list is probably based on the
BDSM Film List (Michael Raymond Feely), since some of the English entries
are verbatum. German entries have been translated to the best of our
abilities, stuff we couldn't translate is at the end of the file. Please
post any corrections, additions, and/or comments you might have. We
apologize to our German readers for the occasionally rough translation.


- 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)
Kim Basinger in a weird relationship with Mickey Rourke. Good scene with
ice cubes and blindfold, as well as a shopping spree for a new whip (the
German version seems to be longer than the American one, including a
handcuffs scene).

- A Boy and His Dog (1976)
Don Johnson is tied naked to a bed and raped

- Abyss (1989)
Mary Elisabeth Mastrantonio has her mouth taped shut

- After Hours (G: Die Zeit nach Mitternacht) (1985)
Linda Fiorentio in clean, neat, and nice bondage, and not wearing much at
all. That's the way you do it. We also have the protagonist plastered in
a full body cast, and some leather freaks in a bar called "Berlin".

- Aladin (1993)
Disney, we love you. Princess Jasmin is enslaved by the evil magician
and is forced to serve him in chains. She also looks hot. This scene is
very close the one in "Return of the Jedi" with Carrie Fisher
as Jabba the Hut's serving wrench

- American Fighter IV
Men tied up. Terrible film

- American Ninja III - The Domination (1989)
Woman tied to post for exorcism

- Andy Warhol's Frankenstein (1974)
Dalila Di'Lazzaro is strapped to table, though covered with blood

- Animal Crimes
Lelila Sheppard tied to a bed in garters

- Armies of Darkness (G: Armee der Finsterniss)
Zombies deport slave girls

- Autumn Born (1979)
Dorothy Stratten and Roberta Weiss are tied up and whipped

- Bachelor Party (1984)
Bride's father gets into bondage

- Bad Girls from Mars (1990)
Terry (Jasea) is tied up topless

- Bad Manners (1989)
Kimmy Robertson has her blouse ripped open while tied up on a piano

- Barbarella (1968)
Cute sci-fi film based on a French comic. Jane Fonda is tied to a post by
children and attacked by robot dolls with teeth. About 70 minutes into the
film, we have a brief view of a topless blond in suspesion bondage. There is
also a spreadeagled angle, and the Black Queen (Anita Pallenberg) spends the
whole film in leather giving wonderful orders.

- Barbarian Queen (1985)
Predictable fantasy flick with some nice scenes. A tribe is attacked by
another tribe, and lots of women are tied up, enslaved, and raped. Lana
Clarkson spends some time in the dungeons, and in one great scene is tied
topless to a bondage machine that pricks her breast with an iron hand.
There is a second part.

- Batman's Return
The sexiest Michael Pfeifer you have ever seen as Cat Woman in latex with
a whip

- Belle de jour (G: Schoene des Tages) (1966)
Catherine Deveuve tied topless hands over head and whipped

- The Big Doll House (1971)
Pat Woodell is hung by wrists and whipped by a guard

- Bits and Pieces (1985)
Sheila Lussier tied down, then unfortunatly killed

- Bitter Moon
A whole Polanski film on dominance and submission, though of of a rather
ugly sort. Nice scene with a razor blade and the male protagonist tied to
a chair.

- Bizarre Encounters
With Mistress Tantala. I saw her in something else, and she didn't
take herself too seriously in that either. This features bondage,
sex, and humor, but not always together. Both male and female

- Black Snake
Russ Meyer movie. Evil woman whips male plantation slaves

- Blind Date (1984)
Not repeat not the version with Bruce Willis. This is a Greek film that
features Marina Sirtis (a.k.a. Deanna Troi, the sexiest officer in
Starfleet) briefly as a prostitute tied topless to a bed by the evil
taxi driver. Marina also features in "The Wicked Lady". A young Kerstie
Alley plays a supporting role, but has to wait until "Shoot to Kill" to
get tied up

- Bloodsucking Freaks (1978)
Cult classic, about a wonderful fellow who runs an S/M magic show
and keeps a cell full of naked animalistic women in the basement.
Scenes include X-rack bondage, amateur dentistry, finger chopping
nipple electro-torture, hand sawing, and flogging. Generally sleazy
and not for the faint of heart.

- Blue Velvet (1986)
Uncomfortable film, but a classic. Isabella Rossellini in one of her best
roles as the mother of an abducted child who is forced to obey the sick
kidnapper (Dennis Hopper). On the other hand, she seems to have a certain
masochistic streak in her... Not for the faint of heart. The version shown
on German television is heavily censored and should be avoided

- Bluebeard (1972)
A topless Marilu Tolo whipped by Richard Burton

- Body of Evidence
Madonna as a sadomasochist

- The Boogeyman (1980)
Some bondage with the heroine (Suzanne Love?) in her undies

- Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
Man raped by topless vampires, or something to that effect. Neat scene,
and it's the vampires who are on top.

- Buckaroo Banzai
Ellen Barkin strapped to a table and tortured somehow. Buckaroo tortured
with cranial electricity.

- Bull Durham (1988)
Questionable handstraps scene in bed, but Susan Sarandon is hot, anyway

- Caligula (1980)
Whippings, sundry minor bondage bits - also has some very hardcore
moments, fellatio, lesbian sex (original version is 147 minutes)

- The Captive
Kidnapped woman spends lots and lots of time handcuffed, blindfolded,
suspended upside down, force-fed water

- Cat People (G: Katzenmenschen) (1982)
Natasha Kinsky spreadeagled in the nude close to the end of the movie. One
of the best eagles on the silver screen

- Chained Heat
This is the version with Brigitte Nielson as the sadistic warden in a
Slovakian jail. Handcuffs, chains, submissive women and a grade-Z dialog.

- Charlie Chan & Dragon Lady
Michelle Pfeiffer is loosely tied and gagged

- Crimes of Passion (G: China Blue) (1984)
Katheleen Turner services a bound policeman, and is later tied to a
drafting table by Anthony Perkins who threatens her with a sharp dildo

- The Clairvoyant
Prostitute tied to bed and abused by clients

- Cliffhanger (1992)
Janine Turner, our favorite character from Northern Exposure, handcuffed
in a helicopter

- Clockwork Orange (1971)
Group of delinquents rape a woman. This scene looks rather tame by today's
standards and might almost be considered a playing down of rape. The woman
is gagged with a small rubber ball and some scotch tape, and has the front
of her blouse cut open to reveil her breasts. Chained statues in a bar and
the protagonist is tied to a chair

- Dangerous Passion (G: Action Jacktion 2) 1990
Carl Weathers tied standing up

- Dead Ringers (1988)
Break out that surgical tubing & clamps

- Deathgame a.k.a. "The Seducers"

- Deathstalker (1983)
Barbi Benton chained and topless. There is a second part to this film

- Delta Force III: The Killing Game (1990)
Cute woman tied to a post with hands abover her head

- Demolition Man (1993)
Sty und Snipes on chrome bondage chairs

- Demonwarp (1988)
Michelle Bauer and Pamela Gilbert are strapped to tables
to be sacrificed, about one hour into the movie, both topless

- Deranged (1974)
Blood and gore slasher flick that influenced "The Texas Chain Saw
Massaker". Is rumored to have a scene where woman is tied upside down

- Devonsville Horror
Several women burnt at stake (tied and gagged)

- Diplomatic Immunity (1981)
(Fabiana Udenio with hands tied behind her back gets her shirt
ripped open for pictures

- Dragnet the Film
Tom Hanks in handcuffs

- Dresden Diaries (Parts 1-3)
I've only seen part 2. These were in the Leisure concepts catalog. Women
get tied and whipped and pierced and squirm a lot

- Drum (1976)
Yaphet Kotto and Ken Norton are hung upside down and spanked

- Dune (G: Der Wuestenplanet) (1984)
Paul's mother tied, gagged, and humiliated by the evil baron

- Elvira
The wonderful witch is tied to a stake and almost burned

- Evil Dead (G: Tanz der Teufel I)
Woman mollested by trees. This film was banned by German censors until a
few years ago

- The Evil that Men Do (1984)
Charles Bronson goes after an evil doctor who uses his medical knowledge
to torture and perform experiments on the locals. One scene shows a man
tied to a hanging bar, naked of course, with his buns hanging down with
electrodes attached to his jewels.

- Evil Town (1987)
Lynda Wiesmeier tied up topless in a chair

- Der Exorzist
Linda Blair tied to a bed. Pretty yucky, though...

- Fair Game
Heroine is tied bare-breasted to a jeep

- Fanny Hill (1981)
English film - as in the book, Fanny (Lisa Foster) whips her lover

- Favorite Son [TV]
Linda Kowslowski with duct tape

- A Fish called Wanda (G: Ein Fisch names Wanda)
One of the Pythons tied to a chair and gagged with a pear. Rule five: never
stick french fries up a gagged person's nostrils...

- Flash Gordon (1980)
Orlana Muti spreadeagled on her stomach and whipped, thought we never get
to see the "bore worm". Sam Jones in a metal mask with his hands tied to
the ceiling and no shirt

- Flesh and Blood (1985)
Blanca Marsillach tied to a bed topless

- Fleshburn
? is gagged and tied in the back of a truck

- Flucht in Ketten (1985)
Robert Urich and Carl Weathers tied back to back

- Forced Entry (1975)
Nancy Allen topless and tied up on beach

- Frank and I (1983)
Jennifer Inch gets spanked

- French Quarter (1978)
Woman tied down topless for voodoo ceremony

- Fritz the Cat (1972)
Cartoon based on the character by Robert Crumb. Near the end of the movie
Fritz meets a group of female revolutionaries who mistreat a woman (horse).
Lots of comic strip blood, and non-consensual

- From Beyond (1986)
H.P. Lovecraft SF, bondage room, spreadeagling (Barbra Crampton)

- The Gauntlet (1977)
Clint Eastwood tied up while Sandra Locke gets raped

- The Golden Child (G: Die Suche nach dem Goldenen Kind) (1986)
Charlotte Lewis tied up with toilet paper

- The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood (1980)
Guy tied up on bed on his birthday

- Happy Housewives
Hard to get. British film, Ava Cadell getting her buns spanked

- Havana (1990)
Lisa Cutter tied up and tortured by the Cuban police who keep sticking her
head in a bucket of water. Also has a floor show were two female dancers
dominate a young man on stage

- Heavy Metal
Animated film for adults. Naked female warrior is tied in bondage
machine and whipped. Also has some really great music

- High Anxiety (1977)
Harvey Korman moans, "Too much bondage, not enough discipline."

- Honey (1980)
Italian film. Clio Goldsmith is disciplined in the nude

- Hot Chili (1985)
Joe Rubbo gets naked ass whipped by Taaffe O'Connell

- The Howling (1981)
Woman watches bondage porn in a peep show booth

- Hudson Hawk
Bruce Willis' girlfriend, whose name escapes me (also in "Sex, Lies, and
Videotape") tied to a chair.

- I, the Jury (1982)
? tied to a chair and tortured/stripped.

- Ilsa (of the SS, etc)
Usually has some bondage

- The Increadable Torture Show a.k.a. "Bloodsucking Freaks"

- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Indy's girlfriend racked and lowered towards molten lava

- Indiana Jones III
Sean and Harrison tied back to back. The moral: never play with fire
while in bondage

- Inhibition
Anna (Ilona Staller ?) is shown getting disciplined in the nude by Carol

- Interrogation
Polish film, 1982, set in a prison in the Stalinist early fifties. Some
nudity, no "bondage" but an excellent cataloging of various mental and
physical interrogation techniques, from high pressure hoses to death
threats. Will turn you off on the "interrogator/prisoner" fantasy for
life, and is an excellent film in its own right

- Iron Eagle III (G: Die Asse)
Well-built female lead (Rachel McLish ?) standing in chains in dungeon
at beginning of the film and manages to get tied to a bed later on

- Island of 1000 Delights
Scarlett Gunden and Olivia Pascal are tortured

- Jailhouse Girls
Not to be confused with the send-up Reform School Girls,
with Wendy O. Williams, this features a young Ginger Lynn (yum) having
sex while chained in a paddy wagon. This is worth seeing for the sideburns
and polyester leisure suit on the warden. There was an attempt at a
plot, but it just got in the way.

- Kalifornia (1993)
Juliette Lewis handcuffed and pushed around

- Kentucky Fried Movie (1977)
Nine minutes into the movie a midget dressed as a clown whips three
topless teens tied up with their hands chained to the ceiling

- Kika (1993)
Pedro Almodovar, who treated us to "Tie me up! Tie me down!" has the
maid (Rossy de Palma) tied to a chair while Kika (Veronica Forque)
is raped on the bed next to her

- L.A. Story
Steve Martin's Brit friend runs into an old friend and talks briefly about
their bondage experiences. Californians talk about their electroshock toys
at a party

- Lair of the White Worm (1988)
Catherine Oxenberg in steamy bondage scene - in bra and panties,
unfortunately. Also includes some nun-raping

- Last Action Hero (1993)
Get arrested in L.A.! Schwarzenegger's police station is cramed full with
beautiful women in leather and latex. Nice creaking leather sound effects
when officiers pass the camera

- The Last Boy Scout
Short scene where Bruce Willis interrupts a senator slapping a woman in
a bra who has her hands tied to a cross bar. Getting involved in other
people's sex life costs Bruce his job, we would like to point out...

- The Last Dragon (1985)
Vanity gagged with hands tied and pushed around

- Lipstick (G: Eine Frau sieht Rot) (1976)
Mariel Hemmingway naked and spreadeagled on her stomach and raped

- Live and Let Die (G: Leben und Sterben lassen) (1973)
Gloria Hendry and another woman are tied in a doorframe for a voodoo

- Love Scenes (1984)
Tiffany Bolling having sex tied up

- Lucky Jo (1964)
Christiane Minazoli bound and gagged

- Lulu
Very erotic scene where good-looking Lulu is a willing participent
blindfolded, gagged (well) and tied to the bed while her husband and
his friend slowly strip her. Great camera work, great body, this is
one you can show to your vanilla friends.

- Masters of the Universe (1987)
Awesome, simply hot whipping scene at the end with Dolph
looking comfy, bound to the floor of Greyskull and taking it on
the back from the electrolash! And the little orgasmic
quivers Skeletor (Frank Langella) gives with every strike
are just heartbreaking.

- Metropolis (1926)
Fritz Lang tried. Female robote tied to a stake and burned

- Midnight Fear
Woman hogtied

- The Misadventures of Mr. Wilt (G: Puppenmord?) (1990)
Naked and tied to an inflatable doll

- Mona Lisa (1986)
Bob Hoskins finds Cathy Tyson spreadeagled in a leather bikini thing. The
bondage itself is terrible, and the film dumps on "perverts" from start
to finish

- Moontrap (1989)
Terrible film that has spread-eagled Leigh Lombardi about to be cut
open by moon robot

- Mortal Passions (1989)
Krista Errickson tied to the bed near start of film

- Myra Breckenridge (?)
Raquel Welch "breaks" stud strapped to table

- Naked Gun 2.5 (G: Nackte Kannone 2.5)
Policeman draws female demons with whips

- Naked Tango (G: Nackter Tango)
Mathilda May, who treated us to her birthday suit in "Lifeforce", is
abducted, tied up in nicely scant clothing, is chained up a lot, and, yes
dances some Tango. Not bad

- The Naked Cage (1985)
Lots of nudity, some S&M clothing near the beginning

- Naked Lunch
Weird film with Peter Weller that has some aliens tied in suspension.
Another bondage scene for the really perverted

- Never say never again (1983)
Kim Basinger in thin nightie tied to a post

- Nice Dreams (1981)
Cheech Marin in straightjacket bondage is horribly tortured by a case of
itchy balls.

- Night of the Living Babes (1987)
Michelle Bauer chained and topless in cell

- The Nightcomers (1971)
One hogtie scene.

- Nine to Five (G: Warum eigentlich bringen wir den Chef nicht um) (1980)
Longterm bondage, suspension, good fantasy stuff

- Obsession: A Taste of Fear (1987)
Genevieve Bujold is tied to a chair and gagged - the film is about a
series of munders that happen during the filming of bondage movies.
Virginia Hey (Diane) tied up topless in chair and tormented

- Once Bitten (1985)
Karen Kopins(?) strapped to a chair and gagged

- The Other Side of Midnight (1977)
Noelle Page in sex scene with ice cubes

- Parasite (1982)
Cheryl Smith is tied by wrists, topless, near beginning of film

- Patty Hearst (1989)
Blindfold and topless in the bathtub

- The Perils of Gwendolyn (1984)
Bondage + torture toys. Lots of bondage. Recommended. Main lead is
Tawny Kitaen.

- Pets (1974)
Man tied on bed making love, Joan Blackman is whipped

- The Professionals (G: Die Gefuerchteten Vier) (1966)
Classic western, with the striking Claudia Cardinale pushed around with her
hands tied. One of the professionals is tied head over heels

- Punishment of Anne
Also attractive players. This might be French, and it's
based on a novel. It was involved in some obscenity case (I think the
investigators included it in the list of obscene stuff they bought from
a video store in Dedham, Mass.) Anne (yum) gets humiliated (urinates)
and is beaten a lot by her mistress, and simultaneously goes down
on the male narrator.

- The Punisher (1989)
Dolph Lundgren plays an urban-hero leather-clad
vigilante. During the film, he is bound by various villians
in two scenes. In one he is bare chested in metal restraints
on a metal table/stretching rack. In another he is in some kind
of strait jacket with a metal collar and is strapped to a

- Real Men (1987)
D between Jim Belishi and girl he picked up

- Red Rock West
Female lead is handcuffed

- The Re-animator
Barbara Crampton is strapped down spreadeagled, nicely nude

- Reform School Girls (1986)
Sherri Stoner is branded on floor of toilet by other girls

- Rent-a-Cop (1988)
Liza Minnelli tied to a chair

- Return of the Living Dead III
The ultimatein piercing - nipples, ears, lips, stomach, cheeks, you name
it, she's got it. Too bad Mindy Clark is a zombie, though one of the better
looking ones. Near the end of the film we see her again tied to the ceiling
of a cage gagged and in a harness contraption. A not so well perserved male
zombie is tied spreadeagled near beginning of film

- Return of the Jedi (G: Die Rueckkehr der Jedi-Ritter) (1983)
Carrie Fisher as the chained and scantly clad toy of Jabba the Hut in a
scene that just might have inspired one similar one in "Aladin"

- Return of the Killer Tomatos (G: Rueckkehr der Killertomaten)
Terra, one of the cutest tomatoes you have ever seen, takes her boyfriend
to a sex shop and plays with bondage gear

- Rocky Horror Picture Show
There is one whipping scene in this film (Frank punishes Riffraff), and
Colombia runs around with a collar on

- The Running Man (1987)
Schwarzenegger ties Maria Conchito Alonso to an exercise machine

- Sahara (1984)
Brooke Shields is tied up a lot, pushed around, almost raped, and looks

- Savage Island (1985)
In this film with Linda Blair women prisoners are tortured by evil male
wardens on a remote island

- Shoot to Kill (G: Moerderischer Vorsprung) (1988)
Kirstie Alley tied hands to the ceiling in a log cabin

- Schizoid (1980)
Suspense with Kinski (him, not her).

- Scorchy (1976 or 1971)
Connie Stevens gets tied to bed by thieves about an hour into the film.
Nice shot of her breasts

- Seconds
Rock Hudson strapped to an operating room table

- The Seducers (1977)
Protagonist is tied up

- The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)
Has a scene with the star strapped buck naked in a chair, and the evil
voodoo master drives a spike through his "personality"

- Seven Beauties (1976)
Mental patient raped while spreadeagled

- Sex with a Smile (1976)
Italian film. Edwige Fenech is tied to bed with two holes cut out in her
dress to show her breasts, close to beginning of the film

- Shakedown (1988)
Stoolie B&D + torture

- S.H.E. (1983)
Fantasy flick with little to say for itself except for those scenes in which
scantly clad women and men are tied up and put in cages. Long, of somewhat
artificial whipping scene in a dungeon. Main female lead is Sandahl Bergman

- Sid and Nancy (1986)
There is a b&d scene near the start

- Single White Female (G: Weiblich, ledig, jung Sucht...) (1992)
Bridget Fonda duct-taped to a chair, well done

- Slave of the Cannibal God (1979)
Another Italian film. Ursula Andress is tied standing to a pole, nude, and
the covered with paint

- Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity (1987)
Lots of minor bondage/manacles scenes, one rape scene. Very little nudity,
and the dialogue is a form of torture for the viewer

- Soft Touch II (1987)
Jennifer Inch tied up

- Soldier Blue (1970)
Candice Bergen as Indian tied in back of wagon

- Something Wild (1986)
Handcuffs in bed

- Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama (1988)
About five minutes into the film, Michelle Bauer and Brinke Stevens get
spanked while in their panties

- Sorority Killer (?)
Ally Sheedy gagged and tied to a chair

- Spirits of the Dead (1972) [?]
Brigette Bardot is stripped and tied spreadeagled to an operating table for

- Squeeze Play (1979)
Wes (Jim Harris) tied up, naked ass

- Star 80 (1983)
Mariel Hemingway is strapped to X-rack nearly naked and raped

- State of Siege (1973)
Electro-torture scene

- The Story of O (G: Geschichte der O) (1975)
This is a classic, and has a lot of story, and dialogue with
clothed people, and good production. The players are attractive. The
original is French, there is a sub-titled version (used to play at the
Harvard Sq Theatre) but WHT broadcast the dubbed version. Someone on
the net once complained that O was too wimpy to be a good bottom. There's
not all that much nudity, no highly explicit sex, no penes. The actress
Corrine Clery also was in the James Bond film "Moonraker"

- The Story of O Continues (1981)
Not even close to the original, but still not bad. Caution, this movie has
nothing to do with the second part of the book "Return to Roissy"

- Straight Time (1978)
Emmet Walsh handcuffed with his pants down

- Superchick (1978)
Uschi Digard in a great scene topless and getting her ass whipped

- Supervixen! (1975)
Supervixen is spreadeagled on the desert floor and threatened with
dynamite where it would really hurt. A Russ Meyer classic, but this should
not be your first Meyer film

- Suspicion(?)
Maureen O'Hara(?) is gagged with hands tied

- Switch (G: Die Frau im Mann)
Selfish playboy is tied up and drowned by three women he tripplecrossed.
Short scene in purgetory where he hops around more or less naked and still
in bondage

- Tango & Cash (1989)
Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russel crucified in jail, and we see some brief
scenes where Sly's sister is pushed around bound and gagged

- Tarzan the Apeman (1981)
Bo Derek prepared for a tribe leader's dessert

- Teenage Exorzist
Brinke Stevens is tied to a bed, then a chair, then changes sides and runs
around lightly clothed with a whip

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II
Turtle tied to the stake - for real perverts ;-)

- Terror on Alcatraz (1986)
Sandy Brookie is burned with a cigarette

- Tie me up! Tie me down! (G: Fessel mich!) (1990)
Really cute Spanish film ("Atame!") by Pedro Almodovar, who also did
"Kika". Man is released from mental facility and decides to marry a
woman he knew before from a party. To convince her that he will do
anything for her, he ties her to her bed. What he doesn't realize is that
she is about as crazy as he is. Very funny, and since everybody in the
film is totally mad, not sexist. Recommended

- Tightrope (1984)
Officer, those are mighty strong cuffs...

- Tokyo Dekadence
Good Japanese film about a s&m prostitute called Ai (as in, "I am Ai and I
don't cry") who seems to be emotionally unsuited for her job. Some of the
better scenes include her tied to a dentist's chair, her crawling in front
of a client with a vibarator tied to her clitoris, her being forced to
dance in front of a picture view window for hours, and tied up while the
same client amuses himself with his equally sadistic wife. There is also
a longer scene with a male bottom who is whipped and is forced to drink
his female top's urine.

- Total Recall (1990)
Sharon Stone offers Arnold Schwarzenegger bondage sex. Fortunatly he had seen
Basic Instinct reruns and declines

- Tough Task
A large-breasted woman reporter spends a day at the B&D ranch
learning about and experiencing submission for a story. Funny looking,
paunchy master -- forgot his name but he threw it around a lot like
he was famous. He was kind of obnoxious. Lots of tit torture.

- Tourist Trap (1979)
Tanya Roberts tied to a post by Chuck Connors

- Track 29 (1988)
Sandra Bernhard spanks Christopher Lloyd

- The Twist (1976)
Pin stuck in Ann-Margret's breast

- Unforgiven (G: Erbarmungslos)
Whipping scene

- Vampire at Midnight (1988)
B&D in Blue

- Vanessa (1977)
Olivia Pascal tied up (?)

- Vice Academy (1988)
Man making love handcuffed

- Vice Squad (1982)
Prostitutes are tied to beds, abused by a pimp

- Videodrome (1983)
Difficult film that deals with a cable channel that shows real torture
scenes, and the attempts of a producer to get hold of the rights. Only
some of the action on the TV is clear enough to be seen, but Deborah
Harry makes up for this by being a masochist who likes to be pierced

- Warlock (1989)
Bad horror film that has a warlock briefly caught in a combination

- Warlords (1988)
Debra Lamb as a harem girl shackled topless to other slave girl

- Warrior Queen (1987)
Slave auction with suspension bondage of Tally Chanel

- Waxworks (1988)
Scene with Marquis de Sade

- What about Bob? (G: Was ist mit Bob?)
Bill Murray tied to a parking bench by Richard Dreyfuss. Murray's
psychoanalysis of the situation is beautiful

- What the Swedish Butler Saw (G: Was der schwedische Butler sah) (1976)
Sue Longhurst is tied hands above head and stripped by Ollie Soltoft

- Whispers in the Dark (G: Stimmen im Dunkeln)
One of Annabella Sciorrla's patients likes to be tied with her hands
above her head - unfortunatly, she meets the wrong kind of guy and ends
up dead. Sciorrla herself ends up nicely hogtied and with one of the
few realistic gags to be seen in a movie. Caution, this film supports the
worst sm stereotypes imaginable

- White Ghost (1988)
Vietnam flick. Rosalind Chao spends a lot of time with her hands tied,
and is then placed in stocks.

- The Wicked Lady (1983)
Marina Sirtis (a.k.a. Deanna Troi of Star Trek TNG) is topless in a
whipfight with Faye Dunaway

- The Witching (1983)
Pamela Franklin tied to a stake

- Zero Boys (1985)
City folk chased by psychopaths in a forrest. One woman is caught and
tied to a chair


Film names we just couldn't translate:

- Das Boese II
Der Junge findet seine Freundin geknebelt auf dem Fussboden wieder

- Ein Mann weiss zuviel
Sophie (?) Duez gefesselt auf dem Fussboden.

- Die Flambierte Frau
Geschichte mit Gudrun Landgrebe als eine Domina. Bekannte, lange, gute
Szene, wo sie einen Mann demuetigt.

- Die Folterkammer des Fu Man Chu
Sehr sehr kurze Szene in der wirklichen Folterkammer, wo eine Frau an ihren
Handgelenken von der Decke haengt, und eine andere Frau in Ketten nackt
auf dem Boden liegt. Furchtbar enttaeuschender Film, moeglicherweise war
diese Version fuer das deutsche Publikum geschnitten. Viele der Fu Man Chu
Filme enthalten Szenen mit gefesselten Frauen.

- Fruechte der Leidenschaft
Film mit Klaus Kinski, FSK 18. Soll eine Art Geschichte der O sein.

- Das Geheimnis des verborgenen Tempels
Die Freundin des jungen Sherlock Holmes wird mumienmaessig verpackt.

- Die Wahre Geschichte von Maennern und Frauen
Sonja Kirchenberger, die Frau aus "Die Venusfalle", wird relativ sauber
an einen Stuhl gefesselt, was nach ihrer Meinung nach zu den
Grundfaehigkeiten eines Mannes gehoert. Nett gemacht.

- Die Nacht des Teufels
Viele gefesselte Frauen und Maenner, zwei Frauen werden mit nacktem
Oberkoerper auf Kreuze gespannt und aufgerichtet.